'I don't know what I'm grabbing': Woman, 63, accused of chomping down on paramedic's crotch

'I don't know what I'm grabbing': Woman, 63, accused of chomping down on paramedic's crotch
Gina Darlene McGehee,63, a lady from South Carolina, is accused of biting a paramedic in the crotch. (Photo by Charleston County Sheriff's Office)

During a dramatic arrest, a South Carolina woman is accused of attempting to steal a police deputy's taser and then biting a paramedic's crotch. Gina Darlene McGehee, 63, has been charged with third-degree assault and battery, illegal behavior towards a child, and attacking a police officer while resisting arrest by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

According to investigators, McGehee left a family member at the Al Cannon Detention Center in North Charleston last month after she alleged the individual had taken a phone and used it to search up indecent photos. Sheriff's deputies arrived at her house on the morning of December 28 after learning that a person had been left at the facility by his legal guardian. "I'm not going back there, he's your problem now," McGehee told deputies when they informed her she needed to return to the facility to settle the situation.



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"Well then send a cop to come take me to jail because I'm not going back," McGehee allegedly told the officers. McGehee's arrest warrant was issued after officials failed to convince her to return to the detention center on repeated occasions. McGehee became noisy and raucous and allegedly attempted to resist arrest, according to police.

McGehee allegedly seized a deputy's taser and yanked it from his holster during the confrontation, according to Live5 reports. McGehee allegedly said, "I don't know what I'm grabbing, but I'm going to use it." According to officials, a deputy was able to take the taser from McGehee's grip and place her under custody and into a patrol car. McGehee allegedly continued to resist arrest while inside the car, holding her breath in an effort to pass out.

Later she was put on a stretcher once EMS arrived on the scene. When medics awoke McGehee, she reportedly leaned down and attacked a paramedic in the crotch area.  According to the report, McGehee was taken to the Medical University of South Carolina for assessment before being sent to prison. The report did not specify if the paramedic was male or female. It's unclear if the paramedic was harmed as a result of the claimed crotch bite. McGehee was freed from jail after posting bond, according to the sheriff's office. In February, she is scheduled to appear in court.


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 Gina Darlene McGehee: A lady from South Carolina is accused of biting a paramedic in the crotch