'Ghosted: Love Gone Missing': James says he ghosted Mariah because she compared him to her ex in the bedroom

Mariah was ghosted by James after a year of dating and when confronted, he said it had to do with Mariah saying that he couldn't help her finish like her ex. Was that the complete truth?

                            'Ghosted: Love Gone Missing': James says he ghosted Mariah because she compared him to her ex in the bedroom
James and Mariah (MTV)

Hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills have been putting in double the efforts on Season 2 of 'Ghosted: Love Gone Missing' to help distraught individuals attain closure after being ghosted by a loved one. This is a completely virtually shot edition of the show but the impact remains true to the essence of Season 1 and people are still finding the answers they sought regarding their relationships that came to an end after being ghosted abruptly by people that mattered the most to them at some point. Wednesday night's (September 16) episode featured Mariah who was looking to find the actual cause that her boyfriend of one year, James, ghosted her without a trace. They started out as friends while working at The Cheesecake Factory and had a good run for a year. Everything came crashing when he ghosted her and even quit his job suddenly, meaning Mariah was still left hanging, with a lot of questions as to what really happened that led to all of it. H

He blocked her on his phone and social media both but the 'Ghosted' hosts were able to establish contact with him. He was not comfortable at first to go into details to explain his disappearing act but on further insistence agreed to give Mariah an answer. He told her that the real reason he had to cut her off completely was that she always compared their relationship with the one she shared with her ex. He also further added that a comment that she made about him not being able to help her climax as her ex did was something that hurt him and that's when he decided he wanted nothing to do with her anymore.

Mariah seemed really disappointed in herself, to a point that she began to believe that she was the one who was responsible for her relationship going sour. However, Rachel figured it was not the complete truth. In a one-on-one interaction with James, she told him that he owes Mariah the complete truth and he was finally ready to own up. He told her that the reason he stepped out was that he'd started to cheat on her with other girls at the end of their relationship. Adding insult to injury, he said these were the girls Mariah was friends with and that they too worked at The Cheesecake Factory.

All of this information was too much to process for Mariah and she left the call stating she didn't want to spare another second on James any further. 

'Ghosted: Love Gone Missing' airs Wednesdays at 9 pm only on MTV.

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