'Ghost Adventures: Quarantine' Episode 3: Summoning experiment and 'Devil's Rocking Chair' ramp up fear factor

In this episode titled 'The Summoning Experiments', the foursome conducts two lethal experiments of summoning that could potential end with severe consequences

                            'Ghost Adventures: Quarantine' Episode 3: Summoning experiment and 'Devil's Rocking Chair' ramp up fear factor
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As the malicious coronavirus rages on, people all over the world remain confined in their homes in caution. At the same time, the 'Ghost Adventures' team comprising Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley continue with the third phase of their quarantine special paranormal investigation in isolation at Bagans' famed The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. The team tries to gauge the reaction of the paranormal forces in the museum as opposed to the fear arising from the deadly pandemic. While investigating the supernatural activity, they also strictly practice the social distancing measures imposed by the government. 

In this episode titled 'The Summoning Experiments', the team of four conducts two dangerous experiments of summoning. One of the experiments had resulted in the death of the only person known to have conducted it. The other lethal experiment involves the infamous 'Devil's Rocking Chair', which could just about end with severe consequences.  

An experiment gone wrong

Bagans opens two rooms on the first floor for investigation, one of which is a room full of all different kinds of equipment. When he'd purchased the museum from the realtor, he was told that a woman (her name won't be disclosed) had been using the equipment was writing down spell cards and would put them into the input wells of the equipment. The codes would be interpreted to unlock the gates to the spiritual dimension. She also documented herself in a series of polaroids amid claims that she had been possessed and reportedly told her family that 'the demons were coming'. Her dead body was then found in the center of these machines. This story was narrated to Bagans by the realtor. 

The summoning equipment (Travel Channel)

For their investigation, Tolley has been working with Bill Chappell, an engineer for over a year to figure out a way to reactivate the equipment using the woman's original handwritten spell cards. Bagans felt a presence in the room whilst setting up the experiment and used his digital recorder hoping to find something, and heard infrasound similar to a growl. Tolley told the crew that Chappell believes the woman had been using the equipment to produce sound and frequency that would manifest results like tapping into other dimensions. He and Chappell coordinated over a video conference to conduct the experiment.

Nobody knows what the woman had been intending to do when she decided to experiment with all this equipment, but Tolley and Chappell suspected that she might have let something loose, that is since she had been found dead in the midst of it. Tolley even thought that she might have been trying to make a deal with the devil. Immediately after he turned on the equipment, Tolley said the ambiance in the room had changed and it had begun feeling very different. Tolley tried to communicate with whatever presence was in that room with him and received chilling responses. He also heard a loud unexplainable boom from somewhere in his proximity, just as an anomaly was captured on camera disappearing behind him.

Devil's Rocking Chair 

Devil's Rocking Chair (Travel Channel)

The second door Bagans opens is the room that houses the 'Devils Rocking Chair'. It has ties to the famed paranormal investigators' Ed and Lorraine Warren and was connected to the notorious 'Devil Made Me Do It' case from the early '80s. The Warrens exorcised a possessed 11-year-old boy named David Glatzel, during which the chair would allegedly rock on its own, levitate or disappear and reappear. Glatzel and Lorraine, who was also a clairvoyant, claimed to have seen the devil sitting on it. Witnesses at the final exorcism said the demon finally fled Glatzel's body and possessed Arne Cheyenne Johnson, who in later months killed his landlord in an altercation. He claimed that he committed the murder while under demonic possession. The story became the nucleus of the 1983 book, 'The Devil in Connecticut', and also became the plotline for the third installation in the 'Conjuring' movie franchise. Bagans had bought the chair from Carl, Glatzel's brother, who notarized it with a warning that anyone that sat on the chair would be left with incapacitating back pain. It had been a Glatzel family heirloom since the '50s, and still has oil stains left on it from Ed Warren's exorcism session. 

Ed and Lorraine Warren (Travel Channel)

Previously, Kevin Frazier, Co-Host from Entertainment Tonight, had sought out Bagans at the museum for an interview. While engaged in conversation about the chair in the room designated to it, Frazier complained of feeling his back spasm and walked out of the interview. Bagans decided to conduct the Devil's Rocking Chair experiment by himself and felt two taps on the shoulder as he entered the room. He used his electromagnetic meter to survey the room and received some oscillating responses which he described as 'very unusual spikes'. He set up equipment around the room to survey activity and felt the room temperature suddenly turn chilly. 

Bagans played the original audio from the exorcism of Glatzel back in the '80s that was recorded on cassette. The audio is very disturbing and Bagans hoped that it could trigger some activity from the chair. As soon as he started the audio, the equipment he had set up began to go off signaling a presence in the room. Bagans then captured an anomaly standing close to the chair on his Structured Light Sensor (SLS) camera. He proceeded to take the Devil's Rocking Chair out of its exhibit and sat on it. He didn't feel any physical repercussions while sitting on the chair, but he had to leave the room after he got off because he felt awful when setting up his EVP equipment on the chair.

Ouija board session

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Goodwin and Wasley conduct an ouija board session in the room adjoining Tolley's and immediately received responses. They simultaneously heard a loud bang sound from one of the rooms nearby. Goodwin felt something grab the back of his neck, and Wasley felt the board vibrate. On camera, they captured a strange anomaly float near the board. 

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