Who are Ghislaine Maxwell's siblings? All about Anne, Philip, Ian, Kevin, twins Isabel and Christine Maxwell

The Maxwell siblings have launched a website in order to garner support for their sister, Ghislaine, who currently awaits trial

                            Who are Ghislaine Maxwell's siblings? All about Anne, Philip, Ian, Kevin, twins Isabel and Christine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell is the youngest of seven siblings (Getty Images)

The siblings of Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite who is currently being housed at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn on account of enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury, have recently launched a website in support of their sister's innocence.

Maxwell is the youngest of seven siblings. Her family, along with her friends launched said website that paints the socialite in a positive light. It also carries updates on what books she's been reading while incarcerated, a FAQ section and more.


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The website, Realghislaine.com, mentions that it has been "developed and is maintained by brothers, sisters, family & friends of Ghislaine Maxwell, the people who have known the real Ghislaine all her life, not the fictional one-dimensional character created by the media."

Who are Maxwell's siblings?

The Maxwell siblings, from L-R: Anne, Kevin, twins Isabel and Christine, Philip and Ian with Ghislaine. (Realghislaine.com)

Maxwell is the youngest of 9 siblings, out of which, seven are still alive – Anne, Philip, twins Isabel and Christine, Ian and Kevin.

Philip Maxwell, 71

Phillip Maxwell, a scientist and a mathematician was known to have been brilliant from a very young age, seeing that at 16, he won a scholarship to Balliol College, Oxford. However, his strained relationship with his father went from bad to worse when he married Nilda, an Argentinian in 1977. Daily Mail reports that after two failed marriages, he now resides in North London and currently is a writer.

Anne Maxwell, 73

The second oldest Maxwell sibling, Anne tried her hand at acting, however, her career never took off. As reported by the Daily Mail, her father once said -- "What have you and Pope John Paul II got in common? You're both ugly and you're both failed actors."
Anne studied Italian and French and also trained to be a Montessori teacher. She married an osteopath who is allegedly a practicing hypnotherapist. Anne has chosen to steer clear from the limelight, post her father's death.

Isabel Sylvia Margaret Maxwell, 70

Isabel Sylvia Margaret Maxwell was born in August 1950, in Maisons Laffitte, France. She is the fraternal twin of Christine. She studied at the Milham Ford School, Oxford, and then later at the St Hilda's College, Oxford, which happens to be a constituent college of Oxford University. She graduated with a MA in Law, History, and French, She also has a master's degree in Education (French) from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Along with her sister, she confounded Magellan, the search engine. She also served as the president of Commtouch, which provides internet security solutions.

Christine Yvonne Malina-Maxwell, 70

Born Christine Yvonne Malina-Maxwell, Christine was born in August, 1950, in Maisons Laffitte, France. She is the twin sister of Isabel. She attended Milham Ford School in Oxford, England, and later went to Pitzer College in California in 1969. Here, she received a degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Latin American Studies and Sociology. She then enrolled in the Lady Spencer Churchill College of Education whew she graduated with a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate. She also has a master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas. She is the co-founder of Magellan, a search engine launched in 1995 that was later purchased by Excite and is the co-founder of Chiliad, the software company. She is the Program Manager of Learning Technologies at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Ian Maxwell, 64

Ian was born in 1956 in Maisons Laffitte, in France. He studied at Summer Fields School, Marlborough College and Oxford University. He briefly worked with the Prince's Charitable Trust, before rejoining his father's publication business. Following his father died, he was named chairman of the Mirror Group Newspaper. However, shortly after doing so, he, along with his younger brother Kevin and financial advisor Larry Trachtenberg were charged and arrested with the conspiracy to defraud others of millions of dollars. However, the trio was acquitted. In 2018, along with his brother Kevin, he co-founded a think thank to better understand terrorism and its causes, known as CoJit. He currently serves as its director.

Kevin Maxwell, 62

The eighth child of the Maxwells, Kevin was born in 1959. He studied at Marlborough College and later went to Oxford University. He, along with his brother Ian joined the family publishing business. He also served as the Chairman of Maxwell Communications Corporation. At the time of his father's death, it financial troubles of the Maxwell empire came to light and both, Kevin and his older brother Ian were embroiled in the same, seeing that there were issues regarding pension funds of thousands of the Mirror group employees. Kevin Maxwell later recorded the biggest personal bankruptcy in UK history, raking up debts of £406.5 million. He was later tried and acquitted of fraud charges. In 2018, Kevin, along with his brother Ian, co-founded a think tank known as Combating Jihadist Terrorism (CoJit) to better understand terrorism and its causes.

​The website, created by the siblings to support their sister, offers "exclusive content, news, commentary and useful resources. It is planned for other material to be added and readers can form a more balanced viewpoint."

The siblings have also petitioned for support, stating that they "wholeheartedly in our beloved sister’s innocence and encourage visitors to this site to sign up for updates from the family on her case."

Ian Maxwell (Realghislaine.com)

It even features a video by her brother, Ian, where he talks about her trial, stating that it is "based on allegations that date back 25 years by accusers whose names not even her own lawyers know. I and my brothers and sisters love her very much. We believe in her innocence and that she'll be exonerated in the end, which is why it's so hard for us to see her held in an American prison in solitary confinement without bail for over 260 days and counting," he added.

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