Inside Ghislaine Maxwell's STRANGE marriage to Scott Borgerson

Inside Ghislaine Maxwell's STRANGE marriage to Scott Borgerson
Scott Borgerson ended his relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell after her arrest (Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images and screenshot@murdermurdernews/Instagram)

Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite convicted of sex-trafficking for former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein, will get sentenced on June 28. She was found guilty in December last year on five counts, including sex-trafficking of a minor. During the trial, some reports stated that tech CEO Scott Borgerson was her husband. According to a story by New York Post in July 2020, after her marital status was revealed, it was speculated widely that Scott was her ‘secret husband’.

But in 2019, Scott denied the two were romantically linked, as well as the allegation that Maxwell was staying at his home. He told NY Post then, “It’s pretty crazy, all of this just exploded. People keep asking me, but I am not dating Ghislaine, I’m home alone with my cat."

However, a picture acquired by Daily Mail shows the estranged couple, who got married on December 25, 2016, together at a nursing home Christmas party in 2017 with a group of residents in Massachusetts. As per the reports, the photo was taken after their one year marriage anniversary and is the second picture that has come out of them together. The photo shows Borgerson having his arm around Maxwell



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During this time, Maxwell was staying with him at their home in Manchester as she dealt with back-to-back lawsuits over her assistance in Epstein's crimes. And when Epstein died from an apparent suicide while in jail in 2019, Maxwell grabbed intense public interest. And later, she went into hiding to protect him and his children. However, her arrest ended ther marriage to Borgerson as he cut all ties with her on a heated phone call. 


In a court filing, which became public on June 22, Borgerson claimed he lost his employment and all his porfessional connections due to Maxwell's arrest in July 2020. FBI agents arrested the accused at the New Hamsphire home where she was staying after Epstein's death.

Sentence on June 28

Circuit Judge Alison Nathan, who presided over Maxwell's four-week trial before being promoted, will sentence the British socialite on June 28. Lawyers for Maxwell argued last week that she deserved less than the 20-year sentence recommended by the prosecution, and no more than 5 and a quarter years in prison based on their review of federal sentencing guidelines. They further added that Maxwell, the daughter of late British media magnate Robert Maxwell, was being made a scapegoat for Epstein's crimes and had already spent significant time behind bars.


Maxwell, whose month-long trial was widely watched, is also one of the most highest-profile cases in the #MeToo movement, where hundreds of women have accused rich, powerful men of abuse.

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