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Ghislaine Maxwell strongly believes Jeffrey Epstein was killed in prison and did not commit suicide

Ghislaine Maxwell is reportedly 'not convinced' that her friend Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in prison
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (Getty Images)
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (Getty Images)

Ghislaine Maxwell believes that her late friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide but was killed while he was in prison. 

A source close to Maxwell said that she is "not convinced" that Epstein killed himself. Epstein, who was accused of child sex abuse, was found dead in his cell at Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional Centre where he was awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges. 

Maxwell had been accused of luring girls for Epstein and taking them to sleep with him. "She is not convinced he killed himself. Who is? The only one is the medical examiner in New York," a source close to Maxwell revealed, according to a report by The Sun

"The only thing anybody knows for sure is that he died on a particular date at a particular time. Prisons are dangerous places and particularly dangerous for pedophiles. You don't have to buy into a conspiracy theory to believe that he was killed in prison," the insider added. 

Epstein had been charged with child sex trafficking in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1591 last year. He was being held at the Manhattan prison awaiting trial for his crimes when he died in his cell on August 10 last year.

The New York coroner had ruled Epstein's death as a suicide by hanging. However, according to an investigator who was hired by Epstein's estate, the crime scene seemed to be more consistent with murder.

We had previously reported that forensic pathologist, Dr Michael Baden, had revealed his conclusions about the suspicious nature of Epstein's death during an interview with 'Fox & Friends'. According to Baden, Epstein had two fractures on the sides of his larynx. 

It was also revealed that Epstein had a fracture on the left hyoid bone which is above the adam's apple. "Those three fractures are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation," Baden revealed. 

Baden has worked on many high profile cases involving OJ Simpson, President John F Kennedy, Phil Spector, Aaron Hernandez and more.

He shared, "I've not seen, in 50 years, where that occurred in a suicidal hanging case," before adding that there had also been hemorrhages in Epstein's eyes that were consistent with homicide strangulation. 

"The prominent hemorrhage in the soft tissues of the neck next to the fractures is evidence of a fresh neck compression that could have caused the death," the pathologist said.

A victim of Jeffrey Epstein, Virginia Roberts Giuffre was recruited by Maxwell to have sex with Epstein and his powerful allies including Prince Andrew when she was just 17. Like Maxwell, Roberts also suspects some foul play in Epstein's death. 

Last year she had taken to Twitter to share, "I am no conspiracist, I rely on facts, things that are real & I can see. The problem here is we can’t see anything at all. It’s all gone 'missing'. Epstein's case from the start to now has been shrouded in secrecy & deceit. #EpsteinSuicideCoverUp."

Another victim of Epstein had questioned his death and had asked about the pending investigation into what she called his "murder". According to conspiracy theories, Epstein had been killed in order to protect the names and identities of his powerful friends who had been involved in the pedophile scandal.