Get Ghislaine Out campaign launched as friend claims she's starving and 'humiliated' by prison's paper clothes

Brian Basham, a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s 'madam', has launched a campaign to get out Maxwell from the jail

                            Get Ghislaine Out campaign launched as friend claims she's starving and 'humiliated' by prison's paper clothes
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A close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell has claimed that the British socialite has lost a considerable amount of weight and is humiliated every day because of paper clothes provided in jail. Brian Basham has launched a campaign to get Maxwell out from her 9 foot by 7 foot Brooklyn cell hole. Maxwell was arrested on July 2 in New Hampshire after being accused of pimping girls and helping Epstein in the sexual abuse of the girls, mainly teenagers. Since then, she has been behind bars.

A judge rejected her $5 million bail bond two weeks after she was arrested, calling her a flight risk. But now her friend, Basham is trying to get her out of the cell as she awaits trial. He has claimed that the 58-year-old nearly starved since she has not been provided with the vegan diet she follows. Basham said once Maxwell did not have anything for nearly 20 hours, but when she complained, her scale was taken away by the cell guards, The New York Post reported.

The close friend of Maxwell has raised another issue in his campaign which is her wardrobe. She has to wear paper clothes with no bra since she is considered a suicide risk. Basham also stated that Maxwell has not received any letters her sisters sent to her. He argued that convicted sex offenders, like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, were granted bail while they waited for their trial. “They were men who were a danger to women. That can’t be said of Ghislaine at all,” he added. Maxwell has three passports, one of which is French. Speaking of that, Basham said: “One of the passports is a French passport. From the moment Jeffrey Epstein was arrested she could have gone to France, but she stayed.”

This comes after reports stated that Maxwell’s dirty sex life will no longer be kept under wraps as a court has ordered to make public “highly intrusive” documents from Epstein's deposition. It has been said that the documents consist of new details of her sex life, which were originally filed by Epstein victim Virginia Roberts as part of a lawsuit against Maxwell five years ago. The documents reportedly include "nude, partially nude or otherwise sexualized images, videos or other depictions of individuals".

Also, earlier this month, a woman came forward alleging that Maxwell sexually violated her along with Epstein. The 48-year-old who preferred to be known by a pseudonym Samantha claimed that Maxwell “is the real monster”. "They stole my whole life. I had a bright future ahead of me and they took that from me. The last time I saw them, Maxwell got a hold of me, restrained my arms behind my back and put a ball gag in my mouth and then raped me with a sex toy. Then she called Epstein in. And he joined in. I was terrified - I couldn't do anything to stop them. It was the most traumatic experience but I feel she was the monster, she was the one behind it all. When they were done, when it was finally over, I walked out of that door a very different person than what I walked in - I was in shock,” Samantha added.

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