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N Dakota 15-month-old raped, given alcohol and burned with chemicals by caretaker, claims dead toddler's aunt

However, it has not been confirmed by officials if the toddler was a victim of a crime
Representational Image (Getty Images)
Representational Image (Getty Images)

A North Dakota 15-month-old died because she was tortured and sexually abused by her care-taker, the toddler's aunt has claimed in a fundraiser which she said will be used to prosecute the perpetrators of the heinous act. Meka Marie Carillo died on Tuesday in Fargo, four days after she was found unresponsive in her home and then transported to the hospital. Carillo was put on life support but she was too badly injured to survive and so her family removed the life support four days later and she was pronounced dead. However, it has not been confirmed by officials if the toddler was a victim of a crime. 

However, Carillo's aunt, Amanda Carillo, has started a GoFundMe page to raise $10,000 and has narrated that she believes her niece was "horribly abused and tortured" by her temporarry caretaker and which led to her death. She began, "So I don't even know how to begin this story... This is a fundraiser for my niece who was horribly abused and tortured by her temporary caretaker (and maybe others). If you are sensitive you may want to stop reading here because this story is graphic and beyond disgusting."

She then explained, "November 20th 2020 a person my family trusted with my niece came to my house and informed me my 15-month-old niece was on her way to the ER. I couldn't understand why this person, who was supposed to be caring for Meka, was at my door and not in the back of the ambulance with her. I told this individual to meet me at the hospital and when I arrived it was like I was walking into a lifetime movie crime scene. They had brown paper evidence bags and rulers to measure the wounds and evidence recording equipment. I instantly got sick to my stomach. The individual we trusted with Meka's care kept telling me "she's just sick, Amanda, she's just sick". I spoke to the detective and it became clear that Meka wasn't just sick, she had been horribly abused, burned with chemicals, given alcohol, battered, and raped multiple ways. "

She also noted that there were details regarding the experience that her niece went through which she will not be revealing because they're horrific. She said how her family has been traumatized and these are the details that they will be reliving many times. 

She added, "Leaving the hospital I felt overwhelming guilt that I hadn't taken custody of Meka myself and that this person we trusted her with wasn't as trustworthy as we thought and we hadn't seen the signs of abuse that she was hiding from us. It started making sense why she had so many excuses when we wanted to see Meka and check up on her. I couldn't hold back my emotions and yelled 'What did you do to my niece!?' to the woman as we walked out of the hospital."

Speaking about why she was raising this fund, Amanda wrote, "I want justice to be served for my niece and not only prosecute the people that tortured and killed her but I want to have lawyers to prosecute the people that knew about the abuse and stood by doing nothing." As of when this article was published, 20 people had donated to the cause and a total of $3,310 was raised of the $10,000 target.