Karl Rove savages Donald Trump, says he may end up 'looking like a sore loser' after Electoral College votes

Speaking in an interview with Fox News, Rove said Trump would not stop his fight over the election results but urged him to put the country first

                            Karl Rove savages Donald Trump, says he may end up 'looking like a sore loser' after Electoral College votes
Donald Trump and Karl Rove (Getty Images)

Karl Rove, who served as a senior adviser to former president George W Bush (2001-09), feels incumbent President Donald Trump is “on the edge of looking like a sore loser” and urged the POTUS to put the country first and accept the results of the November 3 election that he has been stubbornly challenging. 

Trump and his close allies have been alleging that the presidential election was stolen by the opponents through massive fraud and have moved courts to overturn the results. They, however, got little relief making the possibility of the outcomes getting overturned dim. Last week, Trump received a major blow after the Supreme Court refused to hear the lawsuit that Texas filed to sue four battleground states in a bid to reverse the results that went to President-elect Joe Biden. 

Trump nevertheless continued with his tirade against the poll results. On Sunday, December 13, he came up with a series of tweets targeting the swing states that he lost this year. “Swing States that have found massive VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them, CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete & correct without committing a severely punishable crime,” he said. He also alleged that dead people, underage people, illegal immigrants, fake signatures, prisoners and many others voted illegally.






Rove, who served as the presidential adviser between 2001 and 2007 and the White House deputy chief of staff for police (2005-07), told Fox News in an interview on Saturday, December 12, which was aired the next day, that he believed the election was “not over” and Trump would continue with his fight. Rove, who will turn 70 later this month also refused to say whether Trump would attend the inauguration of Biden on January 20, becoming the fourth president to do so after John Adams (1801), John Quincy Adams (1829) and Andrew Johnson (1869). 
When asked whether he believed Trump would continue to challenge the results even after January 6, when both the House and Senate come together to officially count the votes, the veteran said it all depended on what the president was eyeing for. 

'Trump not helping himself in long run'

“If his goal is to lay the predicate to come back in 2024 and run again, he’s helping himself at least gaining the nomination, but I think in the long run he's not helping himself or the country,” Rove, who once made the headlines by saying Bush Jr had not lied about Iraq, said. 

Karl Rove with former president George W Bush (Getty Images)

“America likes comebacks, but they don't like sore losers, and he is on the edge of looking like a sore loser, and probably will look like it after January 6,” he added.

Monday, December 14, is an important date in America’s electoral politics as the members of the Electoral College will gather on this day in their respective states and cast their votes — individually and on paper ballots — to elect the president and vice president. Biden has got 306 EC votes while Trump has 232 and once the EC votes, he will be formally recognized as the 46th president of the US. 

Rove said that he would not be surprised if there were efforts to “disrupt” the voting in some of the states where Trump has challenged the outcome, like in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and Wisconsin. He also suspected some Republicans will try some stunts during the January 6 procedures.

A number of House Republicans supported the Texas lawsuit backing Trump and one Democratic Congressman sought invoking a Civil War law to prevent them from sitting in the Congress. Chris Christie, a Trump ally, also expressed his dismay over Trump’s challenging the electoral outcome. On Sunday, December 13, he told ABC News that the president’s legal efforts were full of “absurdities” and was particularly disappointed with Trump attacking GOP governors of Georgia and Arizona.

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