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George Floyd protests: Stephen Colbert called 'racist', asked to leave country for slamming Trump's crackdown

Colbert resumed his late-night show after a 10-day hiatus to address the nationwide protest and criticize Donald Trump's response to the same
Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump (CBS/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump (CBS/Getty Images)

Stephen Colbert took to his late show to diss Donald Trump, once again, and that has left the US president's supporters so heated, they want the comedian to 'leave the country'.

Speaking about the ongoing nationwide protests surrounding the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, Colbert resumed his 'A Late Show with Stephen at Home' after 10 solid days to talk about the mismanagement shown by the Trump administration and even labeled America a nation with no constructive president whatsoever, calling it officially 'BYOP: Be Your Own President.' 

Colbert showed his support towards the black community and slammed the sitting president for calling for violence in the name of tackling protesters and rioters as more and more of African Americans keep getting targetted by the authorities. He brought up the incidents of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, who were the other two people killed by the police the same week as George Floyd. Not to forget Floyd's murder happened the same day a viral video of a white woman falsely calling the cops on a black man at Central Park surfaced the internet. Yet somehow, Colbert has emerged as 'racist' in the eyes of his critics, and Trump's supporters, for obvious reasons. 

Taking it to Twitter, a user shared, "Stephen Colbert, I'll help you pack and help buy your plane ticket. Please leave the country you hate." Another dissed the comedian claiming: "Steve Colbert is such a fucking scumbag anti-American dumbass that's not even the tiniest bit funny what a piece of shit"

Avid Trump supporters came out to criticize Colbert, saying: "You are out of touch in your commentary tonight. President Trump set the right tone and provided strong leadership in his Rose Garden speech today - ' law, no opportunity, no justice, no liberty..'. Get on winning Team Mr. Colbert and support our President." Others snarked: "I love it when Colbert tries hard to sound intelligent. (Doesn't change the fact that he is a total idiot.)"

Some users even called Colbert a liar for his satirical reporting, where he spoke at length about the disgraced officer, Chauvin, and how charging him "with third-degree murder is like charging Jeffrey Dahmer with a severe case of the munchies." While a lot of people lauded Colbert's unique correlation, others didn't quite approve of his little quip. "Let us all support the President we all elected who supports all Americans including minorities. Democrats in charge have done little for African Americans so have no choice but to keep attacking Trump and lying about his great accomplishments just to win elections. Colbert lies," shared a user, while another wrote: "I have never seen anyone more racist than Stephen Colbert, how sad a person he has to be!!!!"

How any of whatever Colbert says can be deemed racist is beyond reason right now, but some critics kept it short and to the point, and labeled him "Colbert and his rants? He is a media cancer POS."