George Floyd's sister LaTonya breaks into tears in video after Derek Chauvin verdict: 'My brother got justice'

'I feel like heaven is standing on my shoulders,' said LaTonya

                            George Floyd's sister LaTonya breaks into tears in video after Derek Chauvin verdict: 'My brother got justice'
LaTonya Floyd and family celebrate Derek Chauvin found guilty (ABC13)

After the conviction of Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin, family of victim George Floyd has also been spotted in a video from Houston, Texas, from the moment they learnt of the jury's verdict in the trial. Chauvin, who murdered Floyd during an arrest procedure for a counterfeit $20 bill by kneeling on his neck for over nine minutes, was found guilty on all three charges -- second and third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. The verdict comes after almost a year of protests over Floyd's death on May 25, 2020.

In a newly released video by ABC13, Floyd's sister LaTonya Floyd can be seen watching the news as judge Peter Cahill announces the verdict in Chauvin's trial, after a 10-hour deliberation from the jury. The video sees Cahill cite the name of the case, followed by charges, and soon as he announces Chauvin is guilty for the first charge of second-degree murder, LaTonya's living room explodes into a celebratory frenzy.


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She can initially be seen hands clasped around her mouth in anxiety, as she looks back at her loved ones amidst the tension. But once the judge announces Chauvin was found guilty for second-degree murder, the celebration peaks. Latonya screams a relieved 'Yes!' as she claps and fist bumps, before quickly turning to her companions to shush down so they can focus on the verdict.

Herself clad in a purple formal shirt, LaTonya's company can be seen sporting black t-shirts with the words justice for George Floyd, alongside a picture of the deceased man. All of them follow suit once again and shush each other down when the judge proceeds to announce the verdict for the next count -- third-degree murder, which is again guilty. This is when Latonya's company begins hyping up the verdict, exclaiming 'Come on, man!' in joy, repeatedly.


The family again quieten, with LaTonya groaning in anticipation, hands covering her face as the judge proceeds to announce the third verdict for second-degree manslaughter. As soon as Chauvin is again found guilty, the entire family breaks loose, allowing the tears to fall as they hug, comfort, and congratulate each other on the momentous victory amidst sobs.

“I feel like heaven is standing on my shoulders,” LaTonya told a local news crew that had joined her and other family members watching the trial. “My brother got justice, and that’s very rare,” she said. “He didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve none of that.”

Latonya's reactions follow that of her and Floyd's brother Philonise Floyd, who much like their sister, has been vocal about his brother's tragedy and bringing justice to it in the last one year. Philonise, who was present in the courtroom for much of Chauvin's trial, immediately told reporters "I feel relieved today that I finally have the opportunity for hopefully getting some sleep," after the verdict was announced. Chavin's verdict was announced by a jury of six white people and six Black or multiracial ones, all of whom deliberated for two full days before the verdict was announced and Chauvin was immediately remanded with handcuffs.

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