'Teen Mom' star Brittany DeJesus claims cops didn't arrest real Derek Chauvin, fans slam her over bizarre theory

One of her followers deduced that she might be under influence, saying, 'Lay off the shrooms'

                            'Teen Mom' star Brittany DeJesus claims cops didn't arrest real Derek Chauvin, fans slam her over bizarre theory

It's been six days since the death of George Floyd, a black American, shook the country. Derek Chauvin, the ex-police officer who murdered Floyd, was fired on Tuesday, a day after Floyd's death and he was arrested on Friday. 

Following his arrest, 'Teen Mom 2' fame Briana DeJesus's sister Brittany DeJesus is weaving a new conspiracy theory on the internet. She believes that police have arrested the wrong person because the hairline of Chauvin from the video of him from that unfortunate day and the hairline in his mugshot doesn't match. She shared a collage made up of Chauvin's photos on her Twitter. One photo was a screengrab of him while he was kneeling on Floyd's neck and the second was a mugshot. She had circled the hairline specifically because in the recent photo his widow's peak is missing.

In a series of multiple tweets, she went on to explain that his face shape and ears are different and that "hairline is very important....it cannot change in two days" and "police protect police". People, who have read her tweets, fired back at her for creating conspiracy theories.

"Of course, it is him. Some of you need to use common sense along with your conspiracy theories. Why would the innocent “other” guy they arrested just go along with it? Is he mentally challenged not to tell the world that he isn’t the guy? C‘ mon now," tweeted a user. 

While another sensed that its an attempt to reach and replied, "Its the same guy with a haircut n a shave smh y'all really say anything for clout".

Another one simply deduced that she might be under influence with a simple, "Lay off the shrooms". "It’s the same person, stop reaching damn," commented another. 

Floyd's death has not only sparked outrage in the US, but across the world. Joining the protest movements are a lot of celebrities who have expressed their anger and sadness through various mediums, social media being one of them. Rihanna, Kim Kardashian West, Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Whoopi Goldberg, among many others whose voices matter, have spoken up against the violence.

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