'General Hospital' spoilers: An investigation and a horde of secrets to be spilled this August 21

Who is Baby 'Jonah' actually? Will Brad finally arrive at the truth of his identity? Is Kristina hiding something far more serious that she's letting on? Find out this week!

                            'General Hospital' spoilers: An investigation and a horde of secrets to be spilled this August 21

This entire week ahead is going to bring on a multitude of emotions for General Hospital fans. As previously shared by us, the inevitable twist of destiny is here for Port Charles. But the Monday episode's turns aren't the only ones that will be shocking fans and followers of the show over the week.

Following the August 20 (Monday) episode, Soap Hub reveals the most crucial twists to expect throughout the span of the next four days. As it is, fans have already "suspected since Nina (Michelle Stafford) debuted on the show that her baby never died and now Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is sure that’s true," the outlet reports. At the same time, "Madeline (Donna Mills) — and Valentin — may be holding onto one mother of a secret."

But if the same outlet it to be believed, there's a certain point in the upcoming episodes where Valentin is out to confront Madeline right away. He uses a bait in the form of Nora Buchanan (Hillary B. Smith) to achieve his purpose. It is still a secret how Madeline is going to react, but that isn't the only secret to watch out for.

Circling the topic of Nina's baby raises one of the most important questions - is Kiki really Nina's child? Or will it be somebody absolutely unexpected, but a character quite well known to the fans?


Speaking of secrets spilled, there's also Brad’s (Parry Shen) very vocal ramblings to Julian (William deVry), notes the same outlet. They add that Julian is struggling with an intuition that the baby he had seen at Alexis' house, was in fact, not the same baby from the hospital, and this, in turn, spurs his curiosity about the actual truth of the scenario.

The town is prepping to say their goodbye to the recently revealed Baby 'Jonah' - whom Alexis had claimed to have been Wiley all this while - but Julian has a mind of his own. He gears up with his investigation for the truth, and it starts with him asking Brad exactly whose baby has been living in his house. He explains this saying it isn't the same baby that he had taken photos of on his phone.

This is where viewers try to speculate whether Brad will seriously consider spilling the truth - especially since confiding in Julian would means revealing the secret to someone who wants to see Lucas (Ryan Carnes) happy just as much as he does.


As all of this drama unfolds, Sonny rushes to console Carly (Laura Wright) who has just lost her grandchild. And this in turn also brings up tragic memories for Sam (Kelly Monaco). It causes her to reflect on the loss she and Jason (Steve Burton) had shared several years ago, when she had given birth to a stillborn baby girl, Lila. She finds comfort in Jason, telling him that had it not been for him, she wouldn't have been able to survive the tragedy.

While Sam discloses this being the reason why Michael's loss is so hard-hitting for her, she doesn't even know the full account of his tragedies. Speaking of which, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) tries to save Brad and Lucas from any more grief, while simultaneously dealing with Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth).

Kristina on the other had shared with Sam that she isn't happy and while Alexis tells her daughter she is happy if Kristina is happy, it's hard to not speculate that the latter is hiding something far more grave than her boredom with her life with Parker.

But things get exciting for Drew (Billy Miller) who seems like he's finally on to something new with his life, or is that a person he's thrilled about? Tune into weekdays on ABC to find out what happens next on General Hospital.