Genderfluid, non-binary Scout Barbour-Evans reveals plans to 'chestfeed' newborn after giving birth to 'perfect' baby

Genderfluid, non-binary Scout Barbour-Evans reveals plans to 'chestfeed' newborn after giving birth to 'perfect' baby

Scout Barbour-Evan, the genderfluid, non-binary 23-year-old has announced their baby daughter’s birth on Twitter. The New Zealander, who was assigned the female gender at birth does not identify as male or female and goes by the pronouns "they", "their", and "them", has also revealed that they would be “chestfeeding” their newborn.

“Look what Santa brought me this year! She arrived last Wednesday,” Barbour-Evan wrote announcing the birth of their baby via a private Twitter account. “She's perfect and I'm in love, but we're still adjusting to life with each other so we aren't taking visitors or many calls,” they posted along with a photo of the newborn on the lap of a Santa at Dunedin's Meridian Mall.


Barbour-Evan reportedly had 10-hour long labor at home, which was what they “so desperately wanted,” adding, “'It was pretty magic but very fast and rough on my body. Even if I'd wanted a hospital birth I wouldn't have managed to get there," they said. 

They have said that no more photos revealing the face of the baby will be posted and that they are not planning on giving any interviews with the media at least until January of 2019. 

Although Barbour-Evan started transitioning in 2016, they halted the process to get pregnant, according to NZ News. The Otago Polytech student and volunteer, conceived their child via sperm donor, just a few months after getting a double mastectomy.


Famous for being the first trans person to run for mayoralty, Barbour-Evan had confessed to Stuff last month that stopping hormone treatment and putting their transition on hold for the pregnancy had been difficult. "Not being able to take my testosterone and anxiety and sleep medication meant that during the first trimester I was having those four-hour long panic attacks but it did normalise and settle as my body got used to it," they said. 

Moreover, the chances of hiding their pregnancy flew out the window pretty early on, thanks to her small body frame. This led to getting misgendered, which they assume would continue now they the pregnancy is over as well, because they are planning to "chestfeed." They also revealed that the baby girl would be calling them pāpā. 

As for the baby, she will be raised a girl, because they understand the confusion and potentially violent reactions people would have when asked to use different pronounds. "I don't want to expose my child to that in any way," they said. 

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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 Genderfluid nonbinary Scout Barbour Evans announces plan chestfeed their newborn