Gavin Wax says Jen Psaki is 'ugly to the bone' compared to 'stunning' Kayleigh McEnany, Internet calls him sexist

The conservative columnist was slammed by netizens for his comment on Twitter after retweeting a side-by-side meme calling Psaki 'ugly to the bone'

                            Gavin Wax says Jen Psaki is 'ugly to the bone' compared to 'stunning' Kayleigh McEnany, Internet calls him sexist
Gavin Wax stirred up a controversy on Twitter after comparing the appearances of Kayleigh McEnany and Jen Psaki (Getty Images/Twitter)

Conservative columnist Gavin Wax has found himself in a pickle for his "sexist" comparison of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and her predecessor, Kayleigh McEnany. Wax took to Twitter where he retweeted an image that had Psaki and McEnany side-by-side in a collage. He captioned it: "Stunning and smart press secretary Kayleigh vs. ugly to the bone Jen Psaki" while also adding a comment that read: "Kayleigh was TV ready every morning[.] Psaki can't bother to prep or do her makeup."

This sparked outrage on the platform with netizens slamming Wax as "sexist", "moronic" and "petty" among other things. The Daily Dot called Psaki's briefings as a "rather staid affair" compared to the "antagonism, conspiracy theories, and lies of those who served in the position under Donald Trump, most recently Kayleigh McEnany."


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"Only here for the ratio, which you absolutely deserve for being a sexist, moronic tool," read one of the comments. This was seconded by another who wrote, "You know it is very shallow to judge people based on their appearance; and sexist too. Why do I care what she looks like? Does that affect her performance as press secretary?"

Wax said Psaki was "ugly to the bone" (Getty Images)

"Now this is sexism folks. Like makeup is needed. A real man knows that much make up means underneath they are ashamed of who they are. Psaki doesnt need makeup bc she can look herself in the mirror," read one of the tweets. "And if either of the press secretaries were men, this conversation wouldn't be happening. Women have had enough hurdles to climb, let alone this kind of smarmy shit," another reckoned. Some felt this was a rude shock. "I can't believe that any human being would be stupid enough to post something like this."






Who is Gavin Wax?

Wax's Muck Rack bio lists him as a "New York-based conservative political commentator and columnist." In his introduction, he writes: "I am the 73rd President of the New York Young Republican Club, Chairman of the Association of Young Republican Clubs, Digital Director of the Young Republican National Federation, National Spokesman of Republicans for National Renewal, an Associate Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, and a Writing Fellow for America's Future Foundation."

"I have appeared on Fox News, One America News, Bold TV, Newsmax, America Voice News, The First TV, and Compound Media.My articles have been published in Townhall, Newsweek, The Daily Caller, Human Events, The Hill, The Washington Examiner, RealClearDefense, RealClearPolicy, Foundation for Economic Education, Mises Institute, The Federalist, Western Journal, American Greatness, and Newsmax."

Meanwhile, Psaki has had her hands full and has recently come under harsh criticism for the way she addressed a journalists' questions. On Monday, reports said the White House press secretary mocked Fox journalist, Peter Doocy, when he asked a question on the "green jobs" promised by President Joe Biden for workers who were working on the canceled Keystone XL pipeline.

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