'Game On!': Fans brand Rob Gronkowski and Venus Williams' show 'worst to appear on CBS airwaves'

The show, which combines sports and comedy together and sees Gronkowski and Williams compete against each other with help from their respective teams, failed to win over fans

                            'Game On!': Fans brand Rob Gronkowski and Venus Williams' show 'worst to appear on CBS airwaves'
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The first episode of 'Game On' premiered on Wednesday, May 27. The show marries sports and comedy together with athletes Rob Gronkowski and Venus Williams competing against each other along with their respective teams. Competing against each other in various sports activities and trivia while making it entertaining is the premise of the show. 

However, if reactions on Twitter are anything to go by, the show has failed miserably with its inability to entertain the viewers who were tuned in. "Game On sucks. I watched it because of Gronk! The show had sorry actors and was stupid. Love Gronk," wrote a viewer. While another went back in history a little bit and tweeted, "I’d say 'Game On' is the worst show to appear on the CBS airwaves since 'You’re in the Picture' (January 20, 1961)". Amid a slew of negative comments after the episode aired, there was this rare tweet from a viewer who enjoyed watching it. "Watching a show on CBS called Game On with Keegan Michael Key as host and some athletes, comedians & pop singers and I thought it was gonna suck. But it's been very entertaining." read the tweet. 

The format of the show is based on the BAFTA award-winning show 'A League of Their Own', and the show promised to be a highly enjoyable and stimulating blend of comedy and sports according to the preview. Similar to its British counterpart, 'Game On!' features two teams of three members, led by Williams and Gronkowski. The teams need to compete against each other in crazy physical challenges that include wrestling a sumo wrestler to performing rhythmic gymnastics. If you were thinking that is all, think again. The teams were also required to brush up on their knowledge about sports because a trivia round is also a part of the competition. The competitors had to really get into learning trivial details about the happenings in the sports world as questions like which athlete cried the longest after a victory to which athlete was the largest baby, were some of the questions that were about to be posed to the competitors.

Along with Gronkowski and Williams, Keegan-Michael Key is also a part of the main cast of the show. His most recent appearance on screen was in Eddie Murphy's 'Dolemite Is My Name' and will be seen next alongside John Cena in Paramount's 'Playing with Fire'.

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