Iron Throne presented by 'Games of Thrones' author George RR Martin set to be auctioned in Los Angeles

Iron Throne presented by 'Games of Thrones' author George RR Martin set to be auctioned in Los Angeles

Friends, Citizens of Westeros and fellow fans, a Raven has arrived from auctioneers Profiles in History bearing good news!

It turns out that the bloodshed, fire and strife were not exactly needed because you can have the 'Iron Throne' in all its glory without having to battle any of the seven kingdoms. 'Profiles in History' announced that the 'Game of Thrones'  Iron Throne will be going up for auction on June 27th in Los Angeles. This is a studio commissioned life-size replica "Iron Throne" that was made specifically for Game of Thrones: The Epic Fan Experience in 2014.  Some cast members and the author, George R.R. Martin, were present at the event and Martin personally presented this throne to the winner of a contest. 

Well, since it is going on auction, you will probably have to fight off some power hungry bidders. 

The Iron Throne (Profiles in History)

Also up for auction is a Game of Thrones painting by legendary artist and illustrator, Sanjulian. The painting was commissioned for the 2013 SXSW Game of Thrones exhibition.  The painting depicts the main characters and images from the universe of George R. R. Martin’s blockbuster fantasy drama series. The SXSW Game of Thrones experience has also extended its purpose to try and help a cause. This year HBO is running a global blood donation campaign supporting The American Red Cross by asking the fans, "Will you bleed for the throne?"  

The custom made Game of Thrones painting by Sanjulian. (Profiles in History)

 Profiles in History's previous auctions include the "Cowardly Lion" costume from The Wizard of Oz for $805,000; Steve McQueen's "Michael Delaney" racing suit from Le Mans for $960,000. They have also sold the Marilyn Monroe "Subway" Dress from The Seven Year Itch for $5.52 million and the Audrey Hepburn Ascot Dress from My Fair Lady for $4.44 million.

Get your auction paddles ready because the details of the auction will be up on the Profiles in History website very soon.  

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