'Game of Thrones' season 8 final trailer: The last Baratheon is back and Cersei is the only one smiling

With just 40 days to go, excitement has built up because not only will this be the final installment, but this also arrives two full years after its preceding season

                            'Game of Thrones' season 8 final trailer: The last Baratheon is back and Cersei is the only one smiling

Almost as if warning us that there's just a month to go for the premiere of its eighth and final season, 'Game of Thrones' finally came through with a proper, detailed teaser for Season Eight, and there's just a lot going on. Gone are the days of Arya Stark proudly repeating after her swordmaster that the only thing we say to the God of Death is "not today" and that of Jon Snow proudly acclaimed there was nothing that could sway him from his Night's Watch. And finally, there seems to be a stark improvement in Cersei's overall being. That, among other things.

With just 40 days to go for the big release of the highly anticipated season 8, excitement has built up twice the usual amount because not only will this be the final installment, but this also arrives two full years after its preceding season. And all of this has got our brains cracking extra hard, so here are five distinct takeaways from the brand new trailer, which you can watch below:

1. Arya's smirk at something in the sky

To the bold and vicious mini Stark, death is no longer a God she requests to come another day. She is grown, seasoned and conditioned aplenty with the tragedies her family went through. And to avenge them, she pretty much evolved into an almost invincible assassin. Having avenged most of those behind her family's brutal deaths, to her, death is just another petty human walking around with masks. "I know death," her voiceover begins in the trailer before she remarks "He's got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one." It is at this point that we see Arya keenly staring at a dagger possibly made out of dragonglass. And the next time we see her with a smirk is when she looks up at something in the sky. The immediate conclusion would be dragons, but it is also interesting how she isn't intimidated by them for even one bit. She stands there unflinchingly — as if ready to take flight on one and end the White Walkers herself.

2. Jon and Daenerys' growing bond

Clearly, a lot has happened between the only remaining Targaryens on the planet. (Oh, spoiler alert, in case you didn't know — Snow here is, in fact, a Targaryen.) From a mere alliance, emotions rose and as they come together, sharing a moment within the crypt of Winterfell, Jon's voiceover rings through the fire lit passages, sending the alarm that "Our enemy doesn't tire." It is interesting how the camera focuses on Jon and Daenerys as those words are uttered — possibly implying their forces, even though combined together, are getting tired and exhausted of the war as it peaks. But Jon also follows it up with how the said enemy "doesn't stop, and doesn't feel" either.


3. Jorah Mormont and Gendry return

In those moments where Jon talks about the enemy, there are fleeting shots of Jorah Mormont and Gendry, confirming that two more potential winners of the throne could arise at some point. Sadly, Jorah is dying of Greyscale, but Gendry is Robert Baratheon's bastard and the last remaining Baratheon in the seven kingdoms, so maybe that's a new threat coming to the way of the Starks, Jon, and Daenerys. It will be interesting to see what path Gendry will take, knowing his affinity for Arya Stark in the past. And in those shots there's also a passionate kiss shared between Missandei and Greyworm, steaming things up as the winters rage its war.

4.  Dragons abound; White Walkers, not so much

Surprising considering the army of the deal created by the Night King has probably reached thousands and even acquired one of Khaleesi's dragons, this trailer bragged only of Khaleesi aka Daenerys' babies. The two dragons roared and flew and shrouded the trailer with a mystical magic, while the only White Walker action we got to see is the very ending scene of the trailer where the army of the living are ready to fight back, and hooves of the Night King's horse (presumably) are seen on the snow. Pretty intimidating, not gonna lie.


5. The Lannisters shine through

We don't deserve Jaime Lannister, and as controversial a statement as it might seem, he has hit us right in the feels. Why? Because of his sheer bravery and better judgment in the trailer. With the prospect of his twin sister and lover, Cersei, aka the current ruler of the Iron Throne joining forces with the Night King, Jaime seems to make the purest decision of all. He announces that he promised to fight for the living, and intends on keeping the promise. His sister, on the other hand, is pretty much the only person in the entire trailer who could be seen smiling every moment. There's a baby on the way, and also a potential alliance with the most deadly army in all of seven kingdoms: Gone are Cersei's days of mourning!

'Game of Thrones' season 8 releases on April 14, only on HBO.