Here's why 'Game of Thrones' season 8 may see Cersei Lannister join forces with the Night King

Here's why 'Game of Thrones' season 8 may see Cersei Lannister join forces with the Night King

After two full years of waiting, fans were finally able to witness the action kick off in the eighth and final installment of 'Game of Thrones', but while a lot of our questions were answered, some burning ones were raised as the story progressed. It was great to see the Stark reunions, no doubt about that. But last these Stark siblings were together at Winterfell, it was some seven years ago, all the way back in the first season when a certain Cersei Lannister paid a visit to the north with her husband and then king, Robert Baratheon. The only difference is that the same Cersei, is the mad queen now, and sits on the Iron Throne.

And speaking of the north, she has shown a certain air of nonchalance about the biggest threat posing the seven kingdoms - the White Walkers. Could it be possible that deep within, the vile and vicious mad queen is brewing an alliance with the equally maniacal and ruthless army of the dead? Some seven years ago, in season 1, the Stark family patriarch, Ned Stark, warned his closest friends "Brace yourselves, winter is coming." The next thing we knew, the Lannisters from the South arrive at Winterfell and thus begins the misfortune of house Stark, which has ended in just four living members of the family.


It's almost as if Cersei arrived from the south with a cold so severe, it managed to wipe out House Stark over the last few years, one by one. But metaphors aside, the one force that is actually invading the north right now, and is a million times more dangerous than the Lannisters, or any other house for that matter, are the White Walkers - the merciless army of the dead, ruled by the Night King, who is waging war against the living, threatening to take over the seven kingdoms.

Over the years we have seen Cersei's hate and spite for the north get amplified and things took a whole different turn once her son, Joffrey, died. Cersei's already murderous hatred towards the Starks got even more intense over time, which is why, the prospect of an everlasting winter and mass destruction owing to the White Walkers' attacks on the north, doesn't really have her concerned.

In season 7, when she is informed that the dead have invaded the almighty wall that stood as a barrier between them and the living, Cersei is seen to be siding with the enemy, saying "good" in response to the news. 


Now, the White Walkers do not care about flashy titles or gold coins; they just want to acquire more territory and turn its inhabitants into their own kind. So obviously, they have absolutely no interest in Cersei's social status. They do not care that she's the queen; they are an army of the dead who can't be killed unless wounded with dragon glass or set on fire. So, unless Cersei already has a secret hideout made with dragon glass, or an ample stock of wildfire left after burning the Sept of Baelor, it is quite likely she will either die at the hands of the White Walkers - especially if the North loses to them.

The only other smart alternative is striking a deal with the enemy. Knowing her affinity for the throne and the power that comes with it, it's quite likely that Cersei will not care what other houses get harmed as long as she secures House Lannister's safety.

So, one theory that looks like a legitimate prospect would be Cersei joining hands with the Night King by allowing him to vanquish the north and establish his reign there, while she rules King's Landing and the other kingdoms closer to her territory in the south. Having already committed genocide once, Cersei wouldn't hesitate to do it again, especially if it's the north that has to be sabotaged. And were she to join hands with the Night King and do that, there would be a future involving the mad queen and the Night King's divided rule.


However, there's also another possible theory which could establish a deal between the Lannisters and the White Walkers, and that is a baby. In the past, the show has shown White Walkers accepting newborn male babies from Craster, the Wildling, as payment for coexisting. It was revealed that they accept these babies because there are no other means of procreation for the ice-cold frozen zombies that make up the White Walker army.

These babies will be raised as White Walkers, with their signature electric blue eyes, meaning more power for the army of the dead. So, with Cersei claiming she is pregnant in season 8, it's quite possible that she gives up her future baby as part of a peace treaty between the Lannisters and the White Walkers.

Cersei's baby, even though a bastard, will be a true Lannister, meaning he or she will be the rightful heir to the Iron Throne after her. So, to secure both her maiden family and future baby's safety, she offers up her newborn to be changed into a White Walker upon birth, so both she and the Night King can have someone of their own as the heir to the throne.


There has been a prophecy on the show about "The prince that was promised," indicating a powerful figure of royal lineage will be able to save the seven kingdoms from its impending doom, and if Cersei plays her cards right once again, she might just end up giving birth to that someone.

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