A 'Game of Thrones' sequel could have the next generation engage in another Battle of the Bastards

Cersei is pregnant, and pretty much everyone is convinced that Daenerys is about to conceive too. With two bastards on the way, is there a second Battle of the Bastards to come?

                            A 'Game of Thrones' sequel could have the next generation engage in another Battle of the Bastards

After two full years of waiting, 'Game of Thrones' is finally going to return with its highly anticipated eighth and final season, and now is as good a time as any to predict what the odds will be for our Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen, to finally overcome the one prophecy that changed her life. We know the Stormborne gave up her fertility in a bid to revive her husband Khal Drogo's life in season 1, and ever since has claimed that her dragons are the only children she will ever have. But the tides are turning and so are the terms of the prophecy that she was cursed with. Meaning, while the ruthless, vile, and vengeful Cersei Lannister is growing her and her twin brother, Jaime's unborn child within her, it's quite possible that Daenerys might end up getting pregnant too. And if that happens, there will definitely be another Battle of Bastards that the world isn't ready for.

Over the years, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) has had her fair share of gallant, handsome suitors, but we all knew the tryst with a certain Snow was going to set ablaze a different kind of fire within her. And so it did; after winning wars and hearts alike, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) ended up wooing the Khaleesi enough that the two gave fans what has been labeled as one of the steamiest sex scenes on the show. But soon it was revealed that Jon isn't actually Ned Stark's bastard, but his sister, Lyanna Stark's son with Rhaegar Targaryen, who again, is Daenerys' brother. So basically Jon Snow ends up having sex with his aunt, and as soon as this revelation was made, fan theories about a prospective pregnancy for the couple in the show's recent future blew up.

But if so were to happen, Jon — whose real name was revealed to be Aegon Targaryen — and Daenerys would be giving birth to not just a baby born out of incest, but also a true blooded Targaryen. Let's also not forget that by the rule of patriarchy, Jon is the only male Targaryen alive, and therefore the rightful owner of the Iron Throne. The other alternative Targaryen is Daenerys herself, so a child born to the two of them together will be the ultimate heir of Iron Throne material. 

Speaking of the Throne, the current mad queen who sits on it — Cersei (Lena Heady) — is also pregnant. Having borne three children in the past, all of whom she has had to bury, Cersei's unborn child will also be her fourth one with Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), her younger twin. Cersei's first child, Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) was named a Baratheon, owing to her marriage with King Robert Baratheon, who had killed the former 'Mad King' to rise to the throne, and that very king was Aerys Targaryen, Daenerys' father. 

So even though technically a Baratheon should take the throne, Cersei took over by her own will after Joffrey, and also her younger son Tommen were both made kings and both died, and now the Lannister vigil is what flies in Westeros. With Cersei pregnant, her future child — and as of now, the expected heir to the Iron Throne — is a Lannister. But as rightful an heir as this future baby Lannister might seem, there's no denying that the only reason they are a possible heir is that the king their mother was married to, had killed a Targaryen. And if Jon and Daenerys were to really conceive — as the many fan theories and teasers suggest — then their prospective future baby has every right to demand the throne from the future Lannister baby.

What is also to be noted, is that neither of these rivals is born in wedlock, making them both bastards too. And knowing the mad genes running in both the Lannister and Targaryen blood, there's no denying that soon there will be a time (in the future, of course) where the two will rise to challenge each other — thus giving us another equally bloody spectacle that the first Battle of the Bastards was.

The first time around it was Jon Snow against the Bolton bastard, Ramsay (Iwan Rheon), where the latter was defeated after what has been described by critics as the most "terrifying, gripping and exhilarating" battle in the north. And while a potential second one doesn't have to necessarily take place in the north, the war won't be any less icy and stone cold if a Lannister and a Targaryen had to fight for the Iron Throne. While the Lannister heir will be laden with conniving strategies and traps aplenty to trick the enemy, their biggest trope could be an alliance with the White Walkers, something that the Lannisters seems totally capable of. But the Targaryen one will have the advantage of the dragons, so really, there are no picking sides when the gore repeats a second time around.