'Game of Thrones' fans believe Jaime Lannister isn't dead, here are some convincing theories

'Game of Thrones' fans believe Jaime Lannister isn't dead, here are some convincing theories

*Spoilers for Season 8 Episode 5*

The 'Game of Thrones' writers are known for their ability to constantly shock their fans by killing off their favourite characters. After seven seasons of unpredictable deaths, the penultimate episode of season 8, 'The Bells', saw two of the most shocking deaths in the entire show. 

One of the most shocking scenes in the episode saw Jaime telling Cersei all that matters is that they are together as she pleads for the life of her unborn child. The imagery of Jaime and Cersei clutching each other suggested two people who are fundamentally one before they eventually perished under the Red Keep. 

Now, here is the catch. Fans aren't exactly convinced of the Kingslayer's death, and we're not surprised. Remember when Jaime was seemingly killed after he was attacked by Drogon in Season 7 only to abruptly return in the next episode?

Here is why many believe Jamie Lannister isn't really dead:

According to certain Tumblr theorists, the GOT cast hasn't really acknowledged the death of our Kingslayer. The first thing that felt off was the apparent lack of goodbyes from the cast to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime.

"Why isn’t ANYONE acknowledging that Jaime Lannister just died??? Why is nobody in the cast thanking Nik for his performance? Why did Pilou (Euron Greyjoy) and Lena’s (Cersei Lannister) Instagram post not say anything about Jaime dying? Why isn’t Nik saying anything about what he thinks of the scene? Why did he make a post saying goodbye to Lena, and not to the character he played for 8 years? Why is there no talk of Jaime’s death in the game revealed?" the fan raged.

Nikolaj also shared a picture on his Instagram bidding adieu to Lena Headey but made no mention of his own character. So did Lena.


Not to forget, the fans also expected reactions from Gwendoline Christie who played Brienne of Tarth since the Kingslayer and Brienne shared an intimate bond. Well, you could say that silence means nothing, but we are not convinced. 

"The best, sweetest most wonderful sister from another mother @iamlenaheadey. That was a fun decade 😘" Nikolaj's Instagram post for Lena Headey.

If the lack of acknowledgement doesn't seem suspicious enough, here comes a big one.

James Hibberd, an editor at Entertainment Weekly, has been doing exit interviews with most of the actors who have died on this season of the show.

He did them with both Lena and Rory McCann, who played The Hound. When someone asked him about Nikolaj's, though, here's what he said: "Thanks! Holding that one for a bit..." 


He was also reportedly mentioned in an earlier article that there were characters in the finale he didn't expect to see. The 'Jaime is Alive' bandwagon is surely holding on to this. 

While this may or may not be proof enough, other theories are also suggesting that his character arc, and the idea of introducing the Lannister baby, makes no sense in this context.

Are we to expect a Lannister pregnancy arc?

Moreover, there has been some outrage over the Jaime became a man of honour with Brienne just to return to Cersei at the end.

While it does make sense that their arcs have come a full circle, what doesn't make sense is building up a man's character to have him crushed under debris. Or maybe it was just another tactic to get the fans attached to his character before killing him off in the end.

As the fan theories keep getting 'curioser and curioser', the only thing we can do is wait for the last episode of 'Game of Thrones' to air on Monday.

Hopefully, the 'Jaime is alive' fandom won't be disappointed.

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