Blackhawks fans demand Gabriel Landeskog suspension after brutal block on Kirby Dach

Fans were left fuming after watching Landeskog shoving Dach who was off-balance and vulnerable into the boards during the October 13 game.

                            Blackhawks fans demand Gabriel Landeskog suspension after brutal block on Kirby Dach
Fans demand Gabriel Landeskog's suspension after he shoves Kirby Dach into the boards during Avs vs Blackhawks game on October 13 (YouTube)

Colorado Avalanche star Gabriel Landeskog has made it to the trending list on Twitter during the Avs vs Chicago Blackhawks game on October 13. Viewers saw Landeskog trying to block Kirby Dach by shoving him into the boards using his elbow. This, at a time when Dach was off-balance and down on his knee. Twitter is brimming with hate comments against the Swede for pulling this move. "Hitting a guy down on one knee like that is dangerous as hell. That Landeskog hit on Dach should get a look from Player Safety," tweeted Mark Lazerus of The Athletic. 

"Landeskog is a low key sc-m bag," Chief from Barstool opined. "Don't know why Landeskog feels the need to do that. Just get the W. Why risk it here?" wrote a viewer. "That is a suspension-worthy hit by Landeskog. Knew damn well Dach was on his knee and off-balance and drove him head-first into the boards," NBC Chicago's James Neveau wrote. "Gabriel Landeskog can f--k all the way off for this garbage hit on a defenseless Kirby Dach," an irate user tweeted. The Avalance won their season opener by 4-2 against the Blackhawks. 


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Gabriel Landeskog got two minutes each for roughing and boarding

Landeskog wasn't allowed to play after he drove Dach into the boards. The team's writer for the Athletic, Peter Baugh, tweeted, "Gabriel Landeskog hits Kirby Dach hard into the boards while Dach was down on a knee. He gets two minutes for boarding and two minutes for roughing and won't play the rest of the regulation. Tyler Johnson gets two minutes for roughing." This is not the first time where Landeskog has been called out for being aggressive in the rink. 

In 2015, NHL announced they had suspended the left winger and captain for two games following his hit on Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand. He made contact with Marchand's head after coming in from the blindside after the latter's wrist shot towards the Avalanche goal. Landeskog was fined $59,907.84 for the hit and the money was pledged towards the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund according to NHL. Marchand like Dach had managed to escape grave injuries.

Speaking about the hit during an interview, Marchand had said, "I didn’t really see him coming. I knew I got hit in the head and all I was really concerned about was making sure I was OK. That was it. Any time you get hit in the head, you’re a little concerned — especially (since) I got a concussion a couple of weeks back. So I was definitely nervous; I’m happy I’m OK. Things happen quick. I know that. I’ve been there. I’m sure he didn’t mean it. I don’t think he’s a dirty player. It’s hockey. It is what it is."