‘Breeders' Episode 7 Preview: Will Ally say 'yes' to Paul?

As we see in the preview, Paul Worsley is about to propose to his long-term girlfriend and partner, Ally. Now, will she, won't she?

                            ‘Breeders' Episode 7 Preview: Will Ally say 'yes' to Paul?
Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard (Getty Images)

Apart from being troubled parents of two “difficult” kids, Ally (Daisy Haggard) and Paul (Martin Freeman) also make for a very loving couple. Despite all the drama, and the series of endless and unfortunate events surrounding their (and their children’s) lives, the duo has stuck to each other as thick as thieves and unarguably make for a great team.

However, marriage was never a requirement for them to live and deal with home and family and yet, Paul finally wants to put that ring on Ally’s finger to take the next big step in their relationship. Now, the question remains if Ally will say or not?

Here’s a peek at what could be coming in the next episode:


Before you even start guessing that, let’s see if Ally should say yes to the proposal and what do we know about Ally and Paul’s relationship.

They might have a whole lot of disagreements, but they always come around. If Paul is the hyper and easily hassled one, Ally takes on a tad calmer and practical approach to their daily family problems. They tend to balance out each other’s shortcomings and sail through the day to day issues that cloud their homes, hearts, and state of mind. But that doesn’t mean that they always succeed in their endeavors.

Paul has had a difficult time dealing with Ally when she becomes impossible with her emotions. We have seen two such instances; one, when Ava (Jayda Eyles) was born and Ally had severe post-partum depression (we see this in flashbacks). And the second instance occurs when Ally loses her estranged father, Michael, in a tragic road accident. Paul took on the complete responsibility of managing the kids, the household while ensuring Ally gets enough space to say a proper goodbye to her father and get a closure. But it was an ordeal for him. Similarly, when Paul was trying hard to pacify Luke (George Wakeman) about his pet gerbil’s death, Ally stood by him supporting his efforts. So yes, although there are tough times they go through, they never leave each other’s side.

This brings us to our initial question: will Ally say yes or not? We don’t see why she wouldn’t. Yes, she did have a complicated past, when she was married to another man before Paul was in her life. But that left a bad taste in her mouth about wedlock and somehow she could never get over the whole “bad marriage” experience. Paul knows that and hence never asked her hand in so many years. But perhaps now is the time. After going through so much together, dealing with deaths and other losses, Paul thinks that being married will make their relationship more matured.

On the other end of possibilities, Ally could also refuse the proposal. And it could be because she is still holding onto her past experiences or to the loss of her recently deceased father. We say this because we observed in the previous episode how Ally had started to change after her father's death. Even though she somehow managed to say goodbye, she might not have processed the loss entirely. Weighing on a marriage proposal might not be something that she expects. It could also throw her off. Guess, the upcoming episode ‘No Exit’ will tell.

‘Breeders’ Episode 7 airs on Monday night, 10 pm/9c, only on FX.

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