'Fuller House' season 4: 'Tis the most wonderful time to welcome our favorite TV family back

Season 4 of 'Fuller House,' the successful spin-off of the beloved 90s show 'Full House,' will be added to the Netflix library Friday, and it could not come fast enough

                            'Fuller House' season 4: 'Tis the most wonderful time to welcome our favorite TV family back

Your favorite TV family is back after too long a break, and just in time for Christmas. Season 4 of ‘Fuller Family,’ the successful spin-off of the beloved 90s show ‘Full House,’ will be added to the Netflix library Friday, December 14, and we can honestly say it could not come fast enough.  

There were quite a few storylines that were left open-ended in the season 3 finale, and we want answers to them all. From DJ Tanner’s (Candace Cameron Bure) relationship with high school sweetheart Steve Hale (Scott Weinger), to Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) getting pregnant with her brother Jimmy Gibbler (Adam Hagenbuch) and DJ’s sister Stephanie Tanner’s (Jodie Sweetin) baby, there is quite a bit to look forward to in the coming season.

During an interview with Meaww, Michael Campion, who plays Jackson Fuller on the Netflix show, revealed the very first episode this season they shot was a Christmas episode. "I am really excited," he said regarding the upcoming season. "We have a lot of really funny stuff coming up. It is going to be great. It is going to set up season 5 for sure and not only that, we have a lot of really funny stuff."

The new season, however, is going to explore a lot more than festivities of the always jolly family. In fact, we are going to see Kimmy’s pregnancy struggles, and how it brings her and Steph closer together. While Kimmy’s lifelong dream has been to be part of the Tanner family, she was always kept at an arm's length away because, let's face it, she has been pretty annoying.

However, the annoying teenager has grown up to become a borderline annoying adult, but a very helpful, thoughtful and wise one too. Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) admitted to her in the season 3 finale that despite all the shenanigans and the playful banter, she has always been family. Whether he was serious about it or not, she is officially an honorary Tanner now, especially now since she is carrying a Tanner baby, and moreover one that is fathered by her brother. She is officially in and there is no way to kick her out.

Beyond the pregnancy and the heartwarming moments, it is going to bring about, there are some important topics the show would discuss in season 4. According to Campion, one of the significant characters to be introduced in the upcoming season will be gay and we presume there would be some discussion regarding acceptance, individuality and gay rights.

“We actually have a gay character who comes on which is really cool. He is awesome in real life too. We are actually tackling real-world problems which are really nice to see in this season and I really hope that it continues into the next couple of seasons,” said Campion regarding the character.  

With heartwarming stories about love, unity, and togetherness, ‘tis going to be a wonderful season of ‘Fuller House’ indeed. Don’t forget to watch the new season of Netflix’s ‘Fuller House’ Friday, December 14.