'Fuller House' season 4: Four things we look forward to seeing when the Netflix show returns

Fuller House is returning to Netflix with season 4 on December 14 and we are quite excited to find out how all the storylines introduced in season 3 will play out.

                            'Fuller House' season 4: Four things we look forward to seeing when the Netflix show returns

The reboot of your favorite 90s show ‘Full House,’ is returning to Netflix with season 4 on December 14, and boy, are we excited. Many had their suspicions when ‘Fuller House,’ was announced, regarding how well the reboot would be able to retain the magic of its parent show and even if it did, would it be able to attract the millennials? Surpassing all those doubts, though, ‘Fuller House’ has become one of the biggest Netflix shows, with a fanbase that has religiously been watching the show from the very beginning and have also been loving the show’s attempts at bringing back catchphrases.  

Needless to say, we are quite excited to find out how these storylines will play out. While the trailer for the upcoming season 4 of ‘Fuller House’ has given us a sneak peek into what is to come, there are four specific questions we need to be answered come season 4. 


Jackson and Rocki’s “friends-who-sometimes-make-out-ship" 

Last season, we saw an extraordinary friendship develop between Jackson (Michael Campion) and fellow summer school goer Rocki (Landry Bender). Ever the rebel, Rocki wants only friendship with Jackson with a clause that allows them to make out whenever they want, but one is bound to develop some feelings for the other and according to the new trailer for season 4, it is going to be Jackson.  

Campion exclusively told Meaww that Jackson is going to really stand up for himself in the upcoming season and that he is going to be less of a pushover. This specifically pertains to his romantic relationships, especially with Rocki.



Danny’s unemployed future 

As much as ‘Fuller House’ is a funny show, it also touches upon some important topics, which is why we are hoping to see Danny really get back on his feet after a tough last year. Not only did he lose a job that he loved, but he also had to learn that he is less valuable to the network than his co-host/friend/sister-in-law Becky (Lori Loughlin).  

Everyone in the Tanner-Fuller family has something going on, and everyone is moving back, which means Danny may have one more round of “most of us have jobs” waiting at home. To be fair, though, he did meet his “one that got away” and from the trailer, it is evident that he gets his job back – unless he was dreaming about it. 

DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy [Netflix]
DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy [Netflix]

Stephanie-Kimmy pregnancy 

Kimmy has always been kind of an outsider always waiting for her welcome and an official spot in the Tanner household. Even though Danny told her in the season 3 finale that she has always been a member of their family, she has always been seen like a pimple – you try to get rid of it every so often, but when you can’t you just give up and treat it as a part of your face.   

However, having opted to carry Stephanie’s baby, she can no longer be considered a second-class citizen at the Tanner-Fuller household. As Campion points out to Meaww, a bond that develops between Stephanie and Kimmy after this is very strong and we can’t wait for the tearful, heartwarming and above all, hilarious moments that would ensue from this pregnancy and resulting bond.

Steve and DJ (Netflix)
Steve and DJ (Netflix)

And finally, DJ and Steve’s future 

This is probably the one storyline that all fans want to know about. Whether you were #TeamMatt or #TeamSteve you can’t deny the history between DJ and Steve, whose love story is almost three decades in the making. Even though DJ told Steve to go after his dream job, and that she thought he was a guy worth waiting for, fans know what long distance really means – fights, misunderstandings, possible cheating and finally tearful makeup. 

However, it looks like we don’t have to worry about any of that, because Scott will quit and return to DJ’s arms, possibly a few minutes into season 4 premiere. “We have been waiting 25 years. We owe it to ourselves once and for all to just to see how we are as a couple,” says Steve in the trailer, which means, the pressure is on until we know for a fact that they are soulmates, who are compatible with each other and will not drive each other crazy.