'Fuller House' star Michael Campion says final episodes will make fans cry and hopes for a 'Fullest House' soon

MEA Worldwide (MEAWW) spoke to Michael Campion on what fans can expect in the farewell episodes and from his character Jackson

                            'Fuller House' star Michael Campion says final episodes will make fans cry and hopes for a 'Fullest House' soon
Michael Campion (Netflix)

In a few hours, the final episodes of Netflix's 'Full House' reboot, 'Fuller House' will be available to watch on the streaming platform, and while the show did not reach the heights of its predecessor, it will certainly be hard to bid goodbye to the Tanner household once again.

When 'Fuller House' first landed on Netflix in 2016, we met the grown-up DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure), who is now DJ Tanner-Fuller, Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin), and Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber). Like Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) was a widower in 'Full House' when we first met him, DJ is also a widow, her husband having passed away just before the events of the first season of 'Fuller House'.

DJ had three kids by that point — Jackson (Michael Campion), Max (Elias Harger), and Tommy Jr (twins Dashiell and Fox Messitt), and much like how we fell in love with the Tanner kids then, we fell in love with the Tanner-Fuller kids too.

MEA Worldwide (MEAWW) spoke to Michael Campion on what fans can expect in the farewell episodes and from his character Jackson. Campion said fans can certainly "expect to cry" over the final episodes. He said, "There is a lot of emotion between all the characters, and just this big final wrap up that all the fans are really going to enjoy." He also says that Jackson has "a lot of interesting romantic stuff" in the final episodes, adding that many character arcs come to their end to give the series a "fantastic conclusion."

Campion was only 12 when he first joined the cast for 'Fuller House', as such, he grew up along with his character, Jackson. He said, "[Jackson] is definitely a part of me and kind of has a similar personality to me in general — he's sort of like a heightened sitcom version."

Max and Jackson in 'Fuller House' (Netflix)

Campion says he has learned a lot from playing Jackson, not including acting lessons, admitting, "It's really funny, a lot of the stuff Jackson went through, I also went through so I was able to apply those principles he learned in the show to my real-life situations."

Campion tells us that he was excited to win the role of Jackson on 'Fuller House' as he loved the show's predecessor. Campion would watch 'Full House' along with other classics such as 'Friends' and 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' with his mom on Nick at Night. When Campion was cast, his life changed in 24 hours as he moved to Los Angeles to become a part of the Tanner-Fuller household.

One of Campion's favorite scenes on 'Fuller House' is a Season 4 episode he shot with Scott Weinger, who plays DJ's now-fiance, Steve Hale, who was also her high school boyfriend. He said, "It's a really nice moment, I didn't have a dad in the show so it was nice for Jackson to have that moment." When it comes to the farewell episodes, Campion's favorite scene is the last scene of the entire show, where "everyone is just going to start crying."

Campion also talks about some fun behind the scenes moments. He tells us of the show's "gum wall", a tradition that has been carried over from 'Full House' when guest stars would chew a piece of gum, stick it on a wooden wall behind the sets, and sign their name under it. He tells us the gum wall is "riddled with the gum from lots of guest stars," something he says is very funny.

Jackson and Ramona in 'Fuller House' (Netflix)


He also tells us that the last day the cast film was "really therapeutic" as he got to talk to all the cast members about their future. He said, "I think it was the most real I'd ever been with any of my castmates and it was really nice to share such a genuine connection that just transcends the show. We've been like a second family ever since." Campion is also grateful that Jackson got many more "young man" sort of scenes over the past few seasons and to see a shift in the character. He got to play a responsible big brother, telling us, "I got to talk to Elias the same way I talk to him off the set."

He also tells us that he finds the end of 'Fuller House' bittersweet, saying he had an amazing journey with an incredible path carved out for him. However, he tells us he is going to miss everyone because "it was so much fun going to work every day and [it was] such a wholesome experience." Campion also says that he would love for the cast to come back and "do something like a 'Fuller House' Christmas special," or maybe reunite 30 years down the line and do a 'Fullest House', which he says would be fun.

The first cast member Campion met was Andrea Barber who plays Kimmy Gibbler, whom he was starstruck to meet. However, he was most excited to meet Dave Coulier who plays Uncle Joey Gladstone: "He definitely lives up with my actual personality in real life, he's very goofy." He continues, "I love his jokes and he's like that off the set too. When we got to talking, he was making me laugh the entire time, I loved it."

While Hollywood has shut down due to the current pandemic, Campion will be doing magic shows at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles once everything reopens. If fans are interested in seeing him, he will be performing every other weekend once it begins. Campion hopes to tap into the dramatic side of acting now that 'Fuller House' is over. He says, "That's where I feel like I really shine. After being on a sitcom for so long, I want other people to see that I definitely have a range in acting. So maybe a dramatic feature film in the future would be great."

Campion also has some parting words for the fans of 'Fuller House', saying, "Thank you guys for being amazing fans of the show. We would not have the show without you, so please continue to watch so we can get a 'Fullest House'." 'Fuller House' Season 5B will be available to stream on Netflix on June 2 at 12 am PST.

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