From Futurama to Family Guy: Top 10 animated shows of all time

From Futurama to Family Guy: Top 10 animated shows of all time

There's going to be a new animated show in town and the fact that it's coming from Netflix isn't the only exciting thing about it. Titled 'Disenchantment,' this show comes from the house of Matt Groening - the man known for his satirical portrayal of social and other contemporary issues, with a humor so subtle that it really makes one scratch their brain to get the jokes at times.

But that's the fun part about intelligent comedies, isn't it? And over the years, there have been more such layered comedies that your usual poke-in-the-ribs to the ones that really bring out the laughs. So as we round up a list of best comedies of all times, let's not forget that we shall not be naming SpongeBob SquarePants on this list, because partly - it was a cartoon, and also, one cannot just compare the iconic levels of Spongebob to anything else.

So keeping that aside, here are the top 10 animated shows - in no chronological order - that you should give a shot if you love shading people and society as much as these shows do!

1. Futurama

This is a show for nerds; and in that, we don’t mean to offend anybody’s taste because what could ever be better than a show with a dystopian plot set in the future and casual math and science jokes thrown around here and there. Nothing, right? This is Groening’s legacy being carried down by his own self, after The Simpsons. And if you know of his work, you can expect lots of subtle humor layered with social satire. Think horribly flawed characters whose antics can only make you laugh harder as each episode unfurls. Futurama is truly a beacon of its time.

2. Avatar

Let’s be real for a second here – the movie was honestly no match for the clear perfection that Avatar: The Last Airbender’s animated TV series was. We’re talking three seasons of glorious mythology rich with facts and plots, along with some major comedy and of course – the anime-inspired animation that truly earned it the Peabody Award! Follow the story of Ang - a funloving 112-year-old boy, who is also (SPOILER ALERT!) the current incarnation of the Avatar and must accept the role of bringing peace in a world afflicted with war. And it is probably one of the few franchises on the planet that was followed up by a spin-off titled “The Legend of Korra” which eventually ended up being ever more gripping that the original show. Two words: must watch!

3. Adventure Time

There are few things worthy of being compared to talking dog Jake and Finn – the human, wandering around the magical Land of Oo, getting caught up in misadventures and bizarre situations that are only somehow possible on this particular land of make-believe. There’s sword and sorcery and just the right amount of silly, mindless jokes that people of all ages seem to enjoy. Adventure Time is refreshing and funny without trying to force laughter out of its viewers, and that’s all you need to know if you’re not already Googling the first episode of Jake and Finn’s adventures – be it at trying to solve a new problem of Princess Bubblegum, or fighting the evil Ice King again.

4. The Simpsons

It's almost like the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. of the animated world. You haven't really had a thriving childhood - or young adulthood - if you haven't treated yourself to the glorious package that is The Simpsons. It's not for nothing that memes about how The Simpsons having predicted the current US political scenario, aka THE future, are so viral. Because that show was accurate even 10 years ago, to times contemporary to this decade. It's Groening's magnum opus - the one signature show that gave the world of animation a whole new genre of style - The Matt Groening style. A relatively regular family and their close friends and their respective struggles - the plot is simple, yet so impeccably hilarious. The Simpsons is forever here to stay!

5. Rick and Morty

This is much newer than the shows mentioned above - which must be why its utilization of the genre has been to the fullest. Times spent with grandparents are supposed to be treasured, but it's a little hard to do so when you're grandpa is a mad scientist, tagging you along as his cohort in every bizarre adventure of his. Sounds crazy, right? Well - that's Morty's life, thanks to his grandpa, Rick. What's better? The show is blunt and unfiltered in its very slapstick humor. In short, this show likes to push its own boundaries, so you're in for quite the joyride.

6. BoJack Horseman

An anthropomorphic misanthrope who has no filter - yes, the show is as catchy, interesting, and bizarre as it seems from those first few words about it. There's satire and a very quirky, but extremely real commentary on all things showbiz, fun, pop-culture and of course - society's approach to mental illnesses. This is truly Netflix's poster child when it comes to the claim that Netflix is beyond just welcomed for writers to explore their creativity. With BoJack's self-disintegration comes out an aspect of life so real that viewers can't help relate to him on a whole other level.

7. Archer

Think of an animated Mad Men because the aesthetics are pretty much the same; but alongside that goes the character of Archer who is somehow, unexpectedly capable at his job as a super spy. Archer builds up stereotypes one by one and breaks them down considerably enough to make you question the archetypical one liners you are used to when it comes to thrillers involving detectives and spies. Everything from the language to the rampant, raunchy musings of the lead's mind - it's somehow a rebuilding from the scratch kind of scene, that has made Archer all the more relatable.

8. Bob's Burgers

This show pretty much revolutionized the whole idea of quirky, weird being cute. These characters - aka The Belchers - are so weird, so strange that you can't help falling in love with them. First off, Tina is a teen icon to any boy who has been the awkward teenager at any point in their life. Louise is no less; she practically wants to assault her first ever crush. Their father, Bob, is quite the icon in his own self. Only their mother Linda seems relatively normal out of the lot, but even she comes packed with surprises. This show is at par with The Simpsons in terms of pretty much everything!

9. South Park

It has had quite the long run, but somehow the fact that our beloved fourth graders from the show haven't aged even one bit doesn't bother fans at all because the humor continues to be sharp and consistent. Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s landmark Comedy Central show has amassed a fanbase over the years that only keeps getting more and more loyal by the day. And with wit and humor as sharp, insightful and relaxing as the show's, it doesn't really come as a big surprise.

10. Family Guy

It's always a tiff between South Park and Family Guy fans trying to argue which show is the better one - but only owing to the vague similarities between the ideas of the show. South Park is liberating in the sense of letting your turmoils go, wheres Family Guy will end up leaving you feeling more frustrated by the second. Frustrated, but not offended though as the show pretty much tiptoes on the fine line between the two. Follow the story of an obese, but unabashed Peter Griffin, his once upon a time beauty queen wife, Lois. A late bloomer daughter, Meg, a pretty indisposed son, Chris, an oversmart genius of a baby boy, Stewie, and of course - a talking dog, Brian. Just follow them and your day will be complete.

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