Fans stay divided as Freeform's Siren poised to be the next big 'Shadowhunters' for the network

The new series 'Siren' by Freeform could possibly outdo the popularity and fame gained by 'Shadowhunters' but many fans of the shadow-hunting clan would not give their love for the show they so dearly treasure.

                            Fans stay divided as Freeform's Siren poised to be the next big 'Shadowhunters' for the network

The show, 'Shadowhunters', based on the book 'The Mortal Instruments' by Cassandra Clare, made a huge fanbase and gained immense popularity among youth across the globe. 'Shadowhunters' that aired on Freeform from January 12, 2016, is based on an eighteen-year-old by the name Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) who finds out on her birthday that she is not a normal girl and comes from a long line of Shadowhunters, human-angel crossbreeds who hunt down demons. (Freeform is a television channel owned by Walt Disney and is part of the Disney Media Network. They primarily broadcast shows targeting teenagers and young adults).

The fans of the show which aired its final two-part season on February 25 had a lot to say on Twitter. "What an idea to listen to Shadowhunters music when I did not have time to start part 2 of season 3 and know it's the end #Shadowhunters #SaveShadowhunters." They do not want the legacy of the 'Shadowhunters' to come to an end. 

With this show reaching its peak of fame, Freeform decided to make another series based on creatures of the "imagination."

'Siren' that aired on Freeform on March 29, 2018, is based in a coastal town by the name Bristol Cove, Washington. Known as the place of mermaids, the events in the town turn upside down when a mysterious woman, later named Ryn ( Eline Powell), appears and starts wreaking havoc in search of her sister (Sibongile Mlambo) who was captured by the local military. She is then rescued and helped by Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) who are marine biologists trying to make ends meet and investigate why this primal hunter of the sea has come to the land. 

Maddie and Ryn from the world of Mermaids in 'Siren' and Clary and Isabelle from the world of 'Shadowhunters' (IMDb)

Freeform has adapted the storyline of 'Siren' which is connected to that of 'Shadowhunters.' Both depict characters in the category of "supernatural." The two are but very different in their approach to enticing fans. 

The fans have expressed how they feel about the end of 'Shadowhunter.' One such fan from Brazil tweeted, "I was going to start watching # Siren, so I saw that it was from @FreeformTV I gave up immediately... Retaliation! #SaveShadowhunters#Shadowhunters" 

A conflict arose among the diehard fans of 'Shadowhunters' who went all out bashing Freeform for promoting the new series 'Siren' with a tagline that was used for 'Shadowhunters.' The fans were furious that Freeform had no respect for 'Shadowhunters.'

A frustrated ' Shadowhunter' fan posts on Twitter, "W-O-W @FreeformTV you 1st take a swipe at #Shadowhunters fandom now you use a direct quote from S1 to promote #Siren. Both fandoms should be embarrassed & angry that you cant give respect to either show. I really hope your network fails for this BS. SaveShadowhunters" 


The 'Shadowhunters' clan would not give up on their love for the show by replacing it with another. 'Shadowhunter' fan-following do like the series 'Siren' as well but they will not be a part of the series the way they have shared a strong bond with the characters of 'Shadowhunters'. There is still a possibility though that 'Siren' may be the next 'Shadowhunters' as the mermaid series has a huge fanbase.

One such 'Siren'  fan tweets, "YoOoO !!!!That F*ckin Season 2 Finale of @SirenTV put me THROUGH IT One of the Best Season Finale TWISTS of any Tv Show this year so far How you gonna make me cry like that  #Siren #[email protected]

Tune in to Freeform to watch 'Siren' Season 3 which will air in Spring 2020. Look here for any further updates.  


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