‘Siren’ star Ian Verdun reveals his character Xander will go through ‘all stages of grief’ in Season 3

‘Siren’ star Ian Verdun reveals his character Xander will go through ‘all stages of grief’ in Season 3
Xander McClure (Freeform)

Bristol Cove’s fisherman Xander McClure is defined by varied traits. Freeform’s fantasy series ‘Siren’ in the first two seasons, beautifully lais Xander’s characteristics on the opposite ends of the spectrum. However, after suffering much trauma in the previous installments, the highly intriguing character’s journey over the course of Season 3 is said to mainly deal with him getting through grief. 

The talented actor Ian Verdun, who plays the role of Xander, in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), reflecting on his part in Season 3 revealed that his character would go  “through all the stages of grief”. 

He explained that Season 3 will show “him coming up on the other side of it. How he puts himself back together and recommit themselves to something. He kind of grows and really steps into his manhood, which I think is something that's really beautiful, especially after so much grief and so much of a traumatic experience that he'd gone through as a character.”

He took a moment to tease that this is "a very action-packed season. There's a lot going on.”

Meanwhile, Ryn’s baby is one of the most looked forward to aspects of the current season. When asked how the new addition is going to affect the story arc, Ian responded, “What the baby does is actually it raises the stakes for everyone. It just makes things so much more primal and makes the situation with all of the characters much more reticent.”

Season 3 has also introduced us to the new mermaid, Tia, who is on a mission to diminish mankind, while her true intentions towards fellow mermaids remain unclear. 

Commenting on the same, Ian told MEAWW,  “I think her as a character definitely presents a challenge to Ryn because she definitely has a different experience level. It presents an interesting set of challenges, both internally and externally over the course of the season.”

Although he refused to give away much about what awaits the viewers in the latest season, Ian revealed, “We are known for lots of twists and turns and our writers are amazing and always giving us the unexpected.”


“When I read the episodes for this season, I was consistently shocked and in awe of the scope of it all. Again, it’s the humanity,  the cost, and the emotionality that the writers consistently give us every season. To put it all in perspective, I really think this is the best season we've done,” he added. 

‘Siren’ Season 3 airs on Thursdays on ABC.


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