School issues WARNING after Netflix 'Squid Game' reenactment sees student violence soar

Belgian kids have turned the famed Netlfix show into a playground game, with punches instead of bullets forcing the school to warn parents

                            School issues WARNING after Netflix 'Squid Game' reenactment sees student violence soar
Squid Game is Netlix's most-watched show at the moment (@NetflixKR/Twitter)

Netflix's 'Squid Game' has become an extremely popular show. It is reportedly on its way to becoming the service's most-watched show and has constantly made international headlines since its release on October 1. Now, it appears to be inspiring a series of dangerous games on the school playground, forcing one Belgian school to issue a warning to parents. Complete with an image from the show, the school said in an October 5 statement, "We are very vigilant so that this unhealthy and dangerous game is stopped."

As we have extensively covered, the Korean show is quickly making major headlines over the past week. There's talk the show could be nominated for an Emmy Award, even as fans are eagerly theorizing a possible season 2. The show has also turned its stars into celebrities, with model and actor Jung Ho-yeon being announced as Louis Vuitton's new global ambassador.


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But, as with all major cultural phenomenons, it appears 'Squid Game' is also having a worryingly negative effect. We've seen schools issue warnings before, about dangerous TikTok trends, gun violence, and even mental health, but this appears to be the first time a show is being directly recreated on the playground. And judging by the school's statement, it isn't too happy.

'Squid Game' reenactment sees kids hitting each other

The notice was issued by the Municipal School of Erquelinnes Béguinage Hainaut, in Erquelinnes, near the French border. According to the school, children are recreating the show's "Red Light, Green Light" format from the show, where players are shot dead if they move during the red light by a dummy. The children's more PG version sees players being punched if they get caught. 


The school isn't outlawing the game itself. The traditional version simply sees players being asked to leave if they are caught and is a popular pastime in most schools. However, the addition of the 'Squid Game' style punishment is what's causing concern. "This series is forbidden to under 18s for its scenes of violence," the school noted in its announcement. It added, "We are very vigilant so that this unhealthy and dangerous game is stopped! We are counting on your support and collaboration to make your children aware of the consequences that this can have." 

However, the school doesn't appear to be relying on parents alone. It announced that any students who are caught playing school 'Squid Game' will be "sanctioned", but did not say what those sanctions would be. It appears parents have got the message though, with many rallying in support behind the school. Others though were more critical of how the school is handling the matter. 

"Would it be the parents who need to be educated?" one user commented on the post. Another replied, "We've been talking about it everywhere for weeks... Children are not stupid." One user simply replied, "It's the fault of the parent." Another said, "It's time for parents to watch their children and the content of what they watch." This is not the first time the show's been in trouble. When it was released, a man in South Korea was hounded with calls after his number was inadvertently displayed on the show, before Netflix edited it out.