Who was Fred Ortiz? Utah man beaten to death by mob for hitting pregnant woman

The police found Fred Valdamar Ortiz unconscious and not breathing when they arrived at the spot around 2.30 pm

                            Who was Fred Ortiz? Utah man beaten to death by mob for hitting pregnant woman
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MAGNA, UTAH: An enraged mob hit a Utah man with a car and then beat him to death after learning he had given his pregnant fiancee a black eye. On the afternoon of Monday, June 14, at least six people swarmed 41-year-old Fred Valdamar Ortiz behind Smith's grocery store in Magna, reports said.

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According to arrest papers, a gang of at least six persons chased down and battered Ortiz behind the Smith's at 8055 West 3500 South. Ortiz was found unconscious and not breathing when police arrived around 2.30 pm.

Who was Fred Valdamar Ortiz?

Fred Valdamar Ortiz, 41, was on parole, according to his stepdaughter who wished to be identified as MP. She was inside a car that followed Ortiz to Smith's where he was beaten up. She told police that the pregnant woman is her mother and Ortiz had beat the woman two days ago. "They have been scared to report it because (Ortiz) is on parole and his probation officer will not do anything to lock him up," police wrote in the affidavit, according to KSL.

The incident occurred when two of the perpetrators, Xandre Hill and a woman identified only as Hannah, visited the home of Ortiz's pregnant girlfriend, who is a dog breeder, to adopt themselves a puppy. The woman told them that she was pregnant with Otiz's child and that the man had beaten her two days earlier and given her a black eye. 

Hit with a block of wood

According to the affidavit, Ortiz drove by on a scooter while the group was at the residence, causing Hannah and Hill to stay behind while one Osyeanna Martinez and two other unnamed people, including a 13-year-old, followed after Ortiz. Hannah and Hill later got into another car and drove to the Smith's at 8055 W. 3500 South.

Martinez, 19, struck Ortiz with her Volkswagen Bug, causing the man to try and flee. But the group soon caught up and began beating him with a pole while on the ground. Ortiz's girlfriend, who was also at the scene, was allegedly asked by Hannah to request the group to stop beating Ortiz, but she did not comply. Surveillance video also shows Martinez throwing two boards and a block of wood at Ortiz's back and head, as she kept grabbing, punching and kicking Ortiz.

MP claimed she was the first to exit Martinez's vehicle at Smith's and confront Ortiz with pepper spray, but the wind blew the spray back into her own face. She claimed she hurried into the Smith's to wipe the pepper spray off her face and didn't see the rest of the altercation. All the adults taken into custody are between the ages of 18-20, said Sgt Melody Cutler of the United Police. Hill, 18, and Martinez, 19 have been jailed.

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