Pregnant girl, 13, who claimed 10-year-old boy was the father gives birth to healthy baby girl

Darya 'Dasha' Sudnishnikova has become a mother at the age of 13 and confirmed that she gave birth to a healthy girl to her large social media following

                            Pregnant girl, 13, who claimed 10-year-old boy was the father gives birth to healthy baby girl
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A Russian teen who cultivated a significant following on social media after claiming that she had been impregnated by her 10-year-old boyfriend has confirmed that she has given birth to a baby girl. Darya "Dasha" Sudnishnikova, the 13-year-old from the Siberian nuclear town of Zheleznogorsk, made headlines after she appeared on a Russian television show and revealed she had become pregnant after meeting and falling in love with 10-year-old Ivan.

Since that appearance, her following has swelled to more than 350,000, and she has regularly posted updates about her pregnancy, about how she's feeling, and how she planned to keep the child and raise the baby. On Sunday, August 16, she confirmed she had given birth to a healthy baby girl after a "tough" delivery.

"That's it, I gave birth to a girl at 10 am," she told her followers, according to the Sun. "It was tough, I'll tell you everything later, I'm having a rest now." The birth took place in a perinatal clinic in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, and was without problems. Ivan, now 11, was not allowed to be present during the delivery. While she has not uploaded any pictures of her daughter yet, the infant was reportedly born healthy, weighing 8lbs and measuring 21 inches. 

Having initially claimed that Ivan was the father, Darya later revealed that the biological father was a "fat and tall" teenager who raped her in a stairwell. Recounting the traumatizing incident, which took place in Zheleznogorsk, she wrote, "It was in November [2019] and really on the staircase. It was dark already and that is why no one could help. I cannot say more, think you understand me."

She said she didn't talk about it sooner because it was a "painful issue" for her and that the "pain still remains in my soul." She said it was "scary and lonely" after the rape and that she could not say more because the attacker was still close by. "This man was VERY fat for his age," she said. "And very tall. The most scary [part] is that he lives in the same town, and our town is small. I am really scared to meet him somewhere on the street."

While Russian authorities had continued to investigate the allegation, Darya shared in February she had been rushed to the hospital over fears she could lose the baby. "I won’t be online for a while," she had announced in a video posted online. "The doctors have found a risk of miscarriage and I’m now in hospital."

Then, in June, she admitted during a Q&A session that the prospect of giving birth terrified her. "Yes, giving birth is scary," she said. "I am afraid of pain during natural birth, therefore I am more prone to cesarean."

She had also detailed the problems she had faced during her pregnancy, including a low hemoglobin count, heartburn, and constipation but assured her followers she was now okay and that those problems are "present in many pregnant women." She also shared that one of her fears when it comes to childbirth had come true and that she never thought she would have stretch marks. "Stretch marks – I didn’t think that I would ever have them, but they appeared," she said.

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