Ivory Hecker claims Fox is 'muzzling' her, says Project Veritas will show 'truth'

'I'm going to be releasing some recordings about what goes on behind the scenes at Fox because it applies to you,' she told the viewers

                            Ivory Hecker claims Fox is 'muzzling' her, says Project Veritas will show 'truth'
Fox News host Ivory Hecker has been giving recordings to 'Project Veritas' (Instagram/Ivory Hecker)

Fox 26 News reporter Ivory Hecker dropped a 'bombshell' on air while presenting a weather report as she accused the Fox corporation of "muzzling" her. Before talking about the heatwave plaguing Texas, Hecker took a moment to tell the audience how the network has silenced her from divulging "certain information" to the viewers. She further claimed that other reporters were also being subjected to the same. The local reporter has promised to release the "behind-the-scenes" truth through far-right activist group 'Project Veritas'. 

While hardcore right-wingers welcomed her decision and lauded her courage as true patriotism, critics have slammed her for choosing 'Project Veritas' as a whistleblower portal. The group, founded by James O'Keefe, had come under the scanner multiple times in the past for deceptively editing videos of undercover operations to suit their propaganda and spread fabricated information. "So, Project Veritas is exposing Fox? Welcome to the right wing ouroboros...," a user tweeted about the incident. 


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'Project Veritas? That fabrication shop?'

During her on-air reportage, Hecker took viewers by surprise as she said, "I'm gonna let you, the viewers, know that Fox Corp has been muzzling me to keep certain information from you (the viewers). And from what I'm gathering, I am not the only reporter being subjected to this."

She continued, "I'm going to be releasing some recordings about what goes on behind the scenes at Fox because it applies to you. I found a non-profit journalism group called 'Project Veritas' who's going to put that out tomorrow, so tune in to them.."


She was hailed by prominent right-wing author Brigitte Gabriel who called for 'canceling' Fox News and said, "I've been warning everyone about the Fox Corporation for YEARS now. They don't let people who speak the cold hard truth on their network anymore. Looking forward to seeing what Project Veritas and this brave local (former?) Fox Reporter put out tomorrow. CANCEL FOX NEWS!!"

Calling Hecker a 'patriot', right-wing TV host John Cardillo tweeted, "Project Veritas is about to crush the Murdochs and Fox/Newscorp Corporate. And it's because of their track record and one courageous local reporter. She's the definition of patriot." 

Meanwhile, other Twitter users chose to shrug off Hecker's claims due to her choice to go Project Veritas. Human rights activist Ringuette said, "Project Veritas is filled with corrupt liars who’ve lost repeatedly in court. They have no fidelity to facts or ethics. And we know FoxNews is sociopathic & unhinged from reality. It’s a match made in hell. Enjoy."

"Project Veritas? That fabrication shop?" a user joked with laughter emojis. Another admitted, "Why is she giving this set of statements to Project Veritas instead of giving an editorial op-Ed? I may not read the altered mumbo jumbo."










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