'Deputy' is a hit with fans, but that has left us worried that Fox might give it the 'Lethal Weapon' treatment

We know Fox has a thing for canceling shows after successful debut seasons but that's not the only worry fans have

                            'Deputy' is a hit with fans, but that has left us worried that Fox might give it the 'Lethal Weapon' treatment
Stephen Dorff in 'Deputy' and Crawford in 'Lethal Weapon' (Fox)

Over the recent past, Fox has become infamous for canceling brilliant shows with a massive fandom. It did that with the sci-fi vampire thriller 'The Passage', and even the hilarious buddy-cop comedy 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'.

While the latter was saved within a day by its parent network NBC, 'The Passage's fate was sealed by the ax right after its debut season — something that has fans worried about the network's latest cop drama 'Deputy' as they feel the immediate hit might get axed after its very first season.

Either that, or it will meet the ill fate of another Fox show with a massive fanbase — 'Lethal Weapon', where Clayne Crawford's fan-favorite character was suddenly chopped out after two seasons.

Crawford played the role of Riggs on the Fox crime procedural where he consistently amazed fans and won them over with his charming looks and charismatic machismo.

So when he was fired from the show on accounts of bad behavior, the news caused a major uprising in the fandom who called for the show's cancellation even though Crawford himself had apologized for two accounts of alleged behavioral issues.

Even though that was two years ago, fans are clearly upset at Fox for replacing Crawford so easily — a task that the fandom deemed was impossible purely because of the lovable, heart-of-gold guy Crawford played on screen. 


So the moment another cop drama takes over the network, comparisons flew in. The most prominent amongst those reactions were fans requesting Fox to not subject 'Deputy' and its lead, Stephen Dorff, to the same fate they showered 'Lethal Weapon' with.

Taking it to Twitter, a fan shared: "After the first episode I'm really liking it!! FoxTV~Do us all a favor and don't f**k it up like you did Lethal Weapon. Getting rid of Clayne Crawford was a HUGE mistake." 

As for other fans, their pleas were mostly against Fox's notorious habit of canceling shows in the recent past. "This is Fox. So it’s canceled already. Like @ThePassageTV last year," remarked a fan with due snark, while another tweeted to the network writing: "Make our dreams for 2020 come true by ending cancel culture! Be a true rebel!"

Speaking of rebels, not all viewers were pleased with the show that portrays Dorff as a "lawman" in the midst of a Western nightmare as he goes about protecting the innocent.

"Thank you for starting off the show with your left leaning propaganda so I didn't have to waste my time watching. Bishop says he's a law man. What a hypocrite. Those people ICE look for broke the law & he's protecting them?? He also used the same leftist tired argument."

Another kept it short and crisp, noting: "This show sucks. Protects liberal illegals. Boycott." 'Deputy' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm only on Fox.

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