'Four to Dinner' Ending Explained: Luca and Sara hold the secret of the match-making

Netflix's Italian rom-com sees two men and women coupled up in alternate realities leaving viewers to guess the truth

                            'Four to Dinner' Ending Explained: Luca and Sara hold the secret of the match-making
Matteo Martari as Matteo, Ilenia Pastorelli as Chiara in 'Four to Dinner' (Netflix)

Netflix's newest Italian rom-com just dropped and the movie gave us various options of love. 'Four to Dinner' follows different realities in which four single friends couple up in different combinations.

The official Netflix synopsis reads- That for every person, there is a soul mate is a very romantic but perhaps unscientific theory, and for Luca (Flavio Furno) and Sara (Marta Gastini), the temptation to test it is strong. But above all, how is this soul mate made? Does it look like us or is it our opposite? This is how, almost as a challenge, the two invite four friends, who coincidentally are single, to dinner: Chiara (Ilenia Pastorelli), Matteo (Matteo Martari), Giulia (Matilde Gioli), and Dario (Giuseppe Maggio). So read on to know how the rom-com played out and what happened at the end.


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The movie begins with Luca and Sara having a discussion over lunch with another couple they're friends with as to whether soulmates exist or not. Both of the men disagree with Luca of the opinion that there is no one perfect person made for you and to give them a better perspective he and Sara tell them a story. Back when they were newly married they invite over four of their friends for lunch. Chiara and Giulia are invited by Sara and Matteo and Dario by Luca. What follows are two different realities one where both the men and women date each other. A perspective shows Matteo hit it off and get together with Chiara immediately while another shows his life with Giulia. The same goes for Dario who hooks up casually with Giulia and is rejected but by Chiara in another reality. Further down the line Matteo gets pregnant both the women after in different realities and marries and cheats on them later as well. While Dario is shown to get serious with Giulia and fall in love with Chiara. Coming back to the current time Luca mentions that Matteo was the one whose marriage they attended the previous year and his friends eagerly want to know who he married.

Matilde Gioli as Giulia in 'Four to Dinner' (Netflix)


What happens at the end of ' Four to Dinner'?

When quizzed about which of the couples ended up together in reality, Luca says that they'll soon find out as the four will be joining them as well. Luca was clear from the start and empathized that it's not always about compatibility but more about the efforts you make in a relationship and how you deal with situations life throws at you that determine the strength of a couple of the so-called perfect partner. The truth is there is no one person made for someone. As their friends await to find out the answer Chiara, Matteo, Giulia, and Dario join them with the movie ending on that note.

It is not answered as to who Matteo got together with and which of the situations took place in actuality leaving viewers to make their own assumptions.

Ilenia Pastorelli as Chiara, Matteo Martari as Matteo in 'Four to Dinner' (Netflix)


'Four to Dinner' is now streaming on Netflix.

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