Who is Chael Sonnen's wife? Ex-UFC star was allegedly trying to 'protect' her in Vegas brawl

In the lawsuit, Sonnen is accused of hitting, kneeing, striking, and kicking five separate males

                            Who is Chael Sonnen's wife? Ex-UFC star was allegedly trying to 'protect' her in Vegas brawl
Chael Sonnen and Brittany got married in 2013 (Photo by Jordan Lee/YouTube)

Former UFC star Chael Sonnen has been charged with 11 counts of battery relating to an incident that happened on December 18 in Las Vegas last year, according to court documents. In addition, the former boxer was charged with a felony, which was classified as a battery by strangulation. The criminal complaint stated that Sonnen assaulted six persons. Sonnen was charged with felony strangulation after a guy claimed Sonnen strangled him.

While Sonnen himself has not spoken publicly about the incident, Brendan Schaub, another former UFC fighter, has previously claimed the fight took place because Sonnen was just trying to protecting his wife, Brittany Sonnen.

“Here’s what happened. Chael was obviously working and he was with his wife and his wife is a f*cking saint and also a dime piece,” Schaub said on the podcast ‘Below the Belt’. “And some drunk guy with his girl kept making comments about his wife, saying about her t**s, her a**, right in front of him. Well, play stupid games, win stupid prizes, cause you are talking and disrespecting one of the toughest guys on the planet and definitely one of the toughest ever to compete in the UFC or Bellator for that matter. And you’re doing it in front of his face, then there’s gonna be repercussions. And any guy that wanted to do that for their girl/ladies you got a girlfriend.” 


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Who is Chael Sonnen's wife?

Chael Sonnen and Brittany Sonnen got married in 2013. Sonnen was at a fight in Portland where he first saw Brittany. After he made some light conversation with her, she “ran away”. However, he followed her through a huge crowd for another shot. When he finally met her, Sonnen adopted a very unusual way to get her phone number — he said his phone had died and requested her if he could borrow her phone, and called himself.

When Brittany's brother saw her talking to Sonnen, he dragged her out of the place. Brittany then received a text from Sonnen saying, “Don’t lend her phone to strangers”. The two met again the next day and soon began dating. Sonnen has a son named Thero. He was born in the year 2015. Blauna Dian, the couple's second daughter, was born in 2016. However, she died due to listeria soon after. 

Brittany is a very private person and not much is known about her life before and after marrying Sonnen. Certain media reports claim she is currently in her late thirties.



Sonnen accused of assaulting five men

In the lawsuit, Sonnen is accused of hitting, kneeing, striking, and kicking five separate males. He is also accused of using 'force of violence' against a woman 'by punching/striking' and shoving her. The 44-year-old was first charged with five counts of assault. Those citations were, however, dropped without prejudice in January. On March 16, a criminal complaint was filed, which contained the 11 battery counts.

According to Schaub, the incident had nothing to do with domestic violence of any kind. The former UFC star also compared the incident to Jon Jones' latest arrest: "This is not a case of Chael hitting his wife like Jon [Jones] did. I think they dropped the charges. This is not a case of Chael Sonnen being high and wrecking his Bentley with strippers in the car. This is not the case of Chael domestic violence in any facet. And I think everyone should hold their judgement to get more details."


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