Did Brian Laundrie have help killing himself? Former FBI agent raises an uncomfortable question

Did Brian Laundrie have help killing himself? Former FBI agent raises an uncomfortable question
Former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer (L) claimed that an autopsy report's conclusion that Laundrie shot himself on the left side of the head is 'bothersome' to her as he was right-handed (Photo by @jen.coffindaffer/Facebook & @gabspetito/Instagram)

A former FBI agent raised questions about Brian Laundrie's suicide after an autopsy revealed that he shot himself on the left side of the head, even though he was right-handed. The discovery was deemed 'bothersome' by retired agent Jennifer Coffindaffer as she told RadarOnline, "it does not fit with a right-handed person committing suicide with their off-hand.” Laundrie, 23, may have been ambidextrous, or someone may have assisted him in killing himself, according to Coffindaffer. 

According to Eagle Security Group, a firm that provides expert witnesses in court cases, Coffindaffer specialized in gangs, drugs, organized crime, Title-III electronic monitoring, and counterintelligence investigations during her tenure at the FBI. She also formed the ‘Firearms Beyond International’, whose purpose is to teach people self-defense, marksmanship, tactical use of force, active shooter self-defense, and terrorist awareness. She told RadarOnline, "To me, the case doesn't end because it ends with a question mark. How or why did he use his non-dominant hand to shoot himself?" 


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Last month, the FBI stated that Gabby Petito's boyfriend admitted to murdering her in a notebook found beside his body in a Florida swamp. It was the first time officials directly blamed Brian Laundrie for Petito's killing, despite the fact that he had been the leading suspect all along. According to a statement published by the FBI in Denver, Laundrie, 23, sent multiple texts to persuade others that Petito, 22, was still alive after he battered and strangled her in late August. In a statement, Michael Schneider, the FBI Denver division special agent in charge, said at that time, “all logical investigative steps have been concluded in this case. The investigation did not identify any other individuals other than Brian Laundrie directly involved in the tragic death of Gabby Petito.” 



According to The Sun, Petito's corpse was discovered on September 19 at a campground near Grand Teton national park in northwestern Wyoming, where he had been traveling in a van with Laundrie. She died three weeks prior of blunt-force injuries to the head and neck, with manual strangulation, according to the coroner. Laundrie returned to Florida in early September, but he vanished shortly after. His parents discovered an item belonging to him at a nature preserve near their home in October.

Laundrie's remains, a handgun, a bag, and the notebook were discovered after more searching. The autopsy found that, after he shot himself in the head, the fugitive's corpse was scavenged and devoured by wild creatures before being recovered in a Florida swamp. Coffindaffer explained, "I'm not a conspiracy theorist at all but I cannot ignore facts, nor can I ignore statistics. And statistics would say a predominantly right-handed person does not commit suicide with their left hand." She went on to say that if Petito's family sues Laundrie's family and estate, the public will have the best opportunity of viewing any evidence from the case. 

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