‘For Life’ Finale has fans hoping for Season 2, they want to 'see Aaron take everyone down’

‘For Life’ Finale has fans hoping for Season 2, they want to 'see Aaron take everyone down’
Aaron Wallace (ABC)

ABC had lured viewers into watching its legal drama ‘For Life’ for varied reasons. While for some it came across as a much-needed intellect show, the others were content with the fact that it showcased the struggle of victims of wrongful conviction. 

With 13 episodes under its belt, the series ended today (May 12) with a major cliffhanger as Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) got a chance at re-trial but ended up in Belmore under Cyrus Hunt (Chance Kelly), who is hell-bent on making the former’s life miserable. 

On watching the finale, fans of ‘For Life’ took to Twitter to express their opinion on the last episode, in which the majority of them are seen asking for a Season 2, owing to different reasons. 

While one fan wrote, “Lord, the way they ended @ForLife_ABC & here I thought it was a limited series! I hope @ABCNetwork renew the series for another season!! #ForLife #ForLifeABC.”

“Superb season finale of #FORLIFE. Aaron wins his retrial w/o compromising his principles. Kudos to Hank Steinberg for not dragging out the story as do so many other episodic series. But the twist! Damn that twist! Damn this virus! @ForLife_ABC must return! Right, @ABCNetwork?” added another. 

A few couldn’t help but sympathize with Aaron’s pal and fellow-inmate Jamal who put his own life on the line to save the former. “So, behind on @ForLife_ABC ..... and I am sitting here crying for Jamal and cussing at @50cent .   Love this show. Don't think there is anything 50 can't do!!!” expressed one fan. 

“Why the heck did Season 1 of @ForLife_ABC like this? That’s not the way to treat an innocent black man. Y’all better make sure #ForLife gets Season 2, or else we going to be your worst nightmares,” lamented one fan referring to the issue of racism as shown in the series. 

And some are waiting to watch Aaron find justice for himself while exposing the DA official’s wrongdoings. “@ForLife_ABC I love this show. Hope there will be a season 2. I want to see Aaron take everyone down and the warden get her job back,” said one fan. 

Adding to the precious tweet another fan wrote, “Excellent actor.  I thought you were going to be exonerated today. I guess there will be another season. God, bless you young man.”


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 For Life season finale twist ending fans want season 2 see Aaron take everyone down