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'For Life' Episode 13: Final judgment has hope for Aaron but he has to face the consequences of his actions

Undeniably, the last episode had a lot to offer viewers in terms of emotions, drama and realistic representation of the legal world
Aaron Wallace (ABC)
Aaron Wallace (ABC)

The day has finally come for Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) to present his case before the federal judge for the last time after having collected enough evidence to prove himself innocent.

However, despite Aaron's persistent efforts to gather evidence against the District Attorney officials, a powerful few have been working their plan well enough to make him look like a criminal posing to be a peaceful intellect. 

The 13th and final episode of 'For Life' sees a lot unfold in Aaron's fight against a corrupt legal system as 'Fathers' begins by showcasing the wrongfully incarcerated inmate and Glen Maskins' (Boris McGiver) representative O'Reilly argue intensely at the court hearing presenting their respective stance. 

Meanwhile, Safiya Masry (Indira Varma) is seen bending over backward to keep Aaron safe and insists on him signing a prison transfer owing to the new prison warden's wrath for him.

Sticking to what it's best at, the final episode of 'For Life' navigates Aaron's story most skillfully while holding on strongly to realism. It keeps our attention intact until the end with a lot of uncertainty regarding Aaron's future. 

'Fathers' also wins big for shedding light on the corruption and unfairness that's prevalent in the world of politics and the long-term impact it could have on the lives of innocent people. 

The above aspect is best portrayed through Safiya's relationship with her wife Anya Harrison (Mary Stuart Masterson), who loses in the elections against Maskins after the clip showcasing Aaron's role in the prison riot goes viral. Both Safiya and Anya intentionally risk their marriage to work towards their individual objectives. 

Although the final judgment gives Aaron hope, he has no choice but to face the consequences of his actions, which seem to pose a major threat to his life. 

Episode 13 ends with a cliffhanger as Cyrus Hunt (Chance Kelly) cancels Aaron's transfer, retaining him in Belmore. As Safiya had said earlier, the former's involvement in the prison riot has turned him against every inmate, who is waiting to avenge their loss in the violence. 

Undeniably, the last episode had a lot to offer viewers in terms of emotions, drama and realistic representation of the legal world. The finale did every bit of justice to the series which has carved a niche for itself on television dominated by popcorn entertainment shows. 

It remains to be seen if the awe-inspiring story of Aaron will return with Season 2.