'For Life' Season 2 Episode 2: Aaron Wallace is finally out of prison, but he may not be able to stay that way

Aaron Wallace may be out of prison, but with three years of probation, one small mistake could just mean the end

                            'For Life' Season 2 Episode 2: Aaron Wallace is finally out of prison, but he may not be able to stay that way

Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) has done the impossible, despite everyone trying to take him down, he has managed to absolve himself of his crimes. He now walks free as an innocent man, but there's one last snag. A technicality means that while he's out, he's still on probation for three years and all he needs to do is slip-up once before he's back behind bars again. Aaron's going to have to watch his back at all times, because there are too many people who want to see him fail.

He's not about to let that keep him from fighting for those who can't help themselves, however. Though there will be many tearful reunions with his family, there's also some lawyering to get done and one of his first cases from the other end of the bars is a personal one. Jamal Bishop (Dorian Crossmond Missick) has been one of Wallace's closest friends on the inside and now he needs help. His sister needs a lawyer of her own and Aaron is the best man for the job.

She's not the only one looking for Aaron's assistance. Once an enemy, Spencer Richardson (John Douglas Thompson) now comes to Aaron with a unique proposal. Between helping Jamal and his sister, hearing out Richardson's proposal and keeping on the good side of his hard-as-nails probation officer, Aaron has a lot on his plate. It only takes one slip-up before everything comes crashing down, but for the first time in almost a decade, Aaron's got his family on his side through it all.

The official synopsis for this episode, entitled 'Homecoming', reads, "A newly liberated man, Aaron acclimates to family life outside of prison. As he attempts to help Jamal with his case, Aaron encounters Jamal’s sister who needs legal help of her own. Former nemesis Spencer Richardson proposes an intriguing work opportunity to Aaron and Roswell on ABC’s “For Life,” Wednesday, November 25th, on ABC."

You can watch a promo for the episode below, which sees Aaron reconnecting with his family and meeting his new probation officer.



This episode of 'For Life' airs November 25, at 10 pm ET, on ABC.

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