'For Life' Season 2 Episode 1 Preview: Aaron Wallace has finally earned freedom, but his fight is far from over

Aaron Wallace's fight continues as his enemies target those closest to him with criminal charges, even as he adjusts to life outside prison

                            'For Life' Season 2 Episode 1 Preview: Aaron Wallace has finally earned freedom, but his fight is far from over

After nine years of being trapped in the prison system for a crime he didn't commit, Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) has finally managed to earn his freedom in court, and find justice. His efforts to understand master the legal system, and practicing the law for himself and his fellow inmates, has paid off, but Aaron's journey is far for over. Now that he's been released and can practice law in court, Aaron is going to continue to expose the injustices inherent in the system, all while reuiniting with the family he's been separated from for so long.

Being separated from his family for almost a decade, Aaron is now finding a way to adjust to his life back with them on the outside. A lot of his time, however, is going to be taken up fighting for others like himself who have been wronged by the criminal justice system - and he's also got his own back to watch out for. His enemies are not content to just let him go, and are attempting to target his allies, such as Marie Wallace (Joy Bryant), who is facing criminal charges for having helped Aaron in previous cases.

Season 2 represents a new focus for the series, as teased by ABC's promotional material for its new direction. "Aaron Wallace's fight continues in season two of 'For Life', as the wrongfully convicted prisoner-turned-litigator and social crusader embarks on a more personal journey. Aaron is motivated by the hope of being reunited with his family and reclaiming a life of freedom to take up the mantle against systemic injustice from outside the prison walls. With continued help from the people who supported him - his family, a wily one-time public defender, Henry Roswell, and his former prison warden, Safiya Masry - Aaron continues his battle against the very political machine that once put him away undeservedly. Inspired by the life of Isaac Wright Jr, 'For Life' continues to shine an unrelenting light upon the institutional wrongs of our penal and legal systems."

The synopsis for the season premiere reads, "After nine years of fighting to win his freedom, it's do or die for Aaron Wallace. As dangerous enemies lurk at Bellmore and Marie faces criminal charges for assisting Aaron in prior cases, Aaron must find a way to gain the upper hand on Maskins." You can watch a promotional trailer for the second season below:



This episode of 'For Life' airs on Wednesday, November 18, at 10 pm ET, on ABC.

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