'For Life' Episode 8 Review: Aaron goes beyond his power to save Dawkins, but is it worth the effort?

'For Life' Episode 8 Review: Aaron goes beyond his power to save Dawkins, but is it worth the effort?
Cassius Dawkins and Aaron Wallace (ABC)

Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) who was for all these years driven by desperation to overturn his wrongful conviction is now propelled by determination, as Glen Maskins (Brosi McGiver) continues to hit him from all angles. 

While the previous episode of 'For Life' saw Aaron lose his last chance at the re-trial, the latest episode 'Daylight' gives him the last strand of hope to tightly hold onto as former State Senator Henry digs deep into an old case to frame the District Attorney officials. 

In order to be able to execute their last strike at Maskins, Aaron needs resources that could be provided by Cassius Dawkins (50 Cent). However,  Dawkins agrees to be Aaron’s provider if the latter can fight his case against Wild Billy, whose men he got into an ugly brawl with. 

It's surprising as to how a righteous lawyer goes to the extent of making the Correction Officer Frank Foster (Glenn Fisher) falsely testify, despite knowing how Dawkins had threatened him at gunpoint to be able to trade drugs in prison. 

Aaron's extensive knowledge in law helps him win Dawkins' case and even receives the resources as he was promised. But, it only makes one wonder if Aaron was being deliberately obtuse to the consequences of his illicit actions. 

Also, he is so close to finding freedom if Henry's plan falls into place, helping him achieve everything he was after for years. 

Meanwhile, Dawkins is ensuring everything is in his favor in Bellmore, which is indicative of the fact that he's getting strangely close to Aaron, who could act as Maskins' bait to kick Anya Harrison (Mary Stuart Masterson) out of the political race. 

Also, the latest episode presents a heart-wrenching moment when Darius Johnson (Brandon J Dirden)  decides to walk out of the relationship with Marie Wallace (Joy Bryant) on realizing her underlying feelings for her husband.


This could have further driven Aaron to fight his own case and reunite with his family. However, he has now deliberately stepped into the danger zone by working for Dawkins, which has also led to him losing Safiya Masrys’s (Indira Varma) respect. 

If Dawkins is influential and wicked enough to orchestrate attacks on the prison inmates from solitary, how powerful could Maskins actually be? And, does Aaron stand any chance against him with newer threats and uncertainty smoldering his life? 

'For Life' airs on Tuesdays on ABC.


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