‘For Life’ Episode 7: Aaron makes fellow inmate’s last dream come true while still facing darkness in his life

‘For Life’ Episode 7: Aaron makes fellow inmate’s last dream come true while still facing darkness in his life
Aaron Wallace (ABC)

Since the inception of the legal drama series ‘For Life’, which is loosely based on the real-life story of Isaac Wright Jr, the viewers have been wondering if Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) will be able to free himself from wrongful incarceration, which has subjected him to the imprisonment of a lifetime. 

While the previous episodes saw his attempts at suing the NYPD to overturn his conviction fail, Aaron is presented with another chance for a retrial in ‘Do Us Part’. However, this time around, he has a tougher decision to make on learning about one of his fellow inmates and his dying girlfriend who he wishes to marry. 

Meanwhile, Safiya Masry's (Indira Varma) wife Anya Harrison (Mary Stuart Masterson) has lost the sponsors for her campaign after the former decided to introduce stricter rules in the prison to eliminate the much prevalent issue of drug flow. In the latest episode, their marriage is put to the test when Safiya allows a prison wedding despite strong opposition from the prison board and the complications it causes in her wife’s political career.

The rest of the episode follows Aaron’s legal representation of Nathan, which comes through with flying colors, while his efforts towards the retrial fail to avail. Undeniably, it made for one of the most emotional episodes so far in the season as it beautifully portrayed the relationship of a wrongfully convicted man and his girlfriend who is battling the later stages of cancer. 

Meanwhile, it also emphasized the importance of one being humane before anything through Safiya’s determination to treat her prisoners with empathy and compassion, although it imposed a threat to her position as a prison warden. 

The episode also hinted at a forthcoming clash between Cassius Hawkins and Wild Billy over whose supply should be distributed among the addicts in the prison. While Wild Billy has been the game for a long time and marked his territory, Hawkins’s reputation alone has proved his dominance. 

It remains to be seen how Safiya is going to cope with the rise of a new leader under her watch while dealing with the one existing was hard enough. And, will Safiya’s professional integrity cause a crack in her marriage to Anya? Or will the duo be able to place their differences aside and work towards the collective good of the society? 

‘For Life’ airs on Tuesdays on ABC. 


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