Shocking footage shows Afghan refugees plunge to death after climbing on moving US airforce C-17

A terrifying video has gone viral on Twitter that shows three civilians falling off the underside of a USAF transport jet after it takes off

                            Shocking footage shows Afghan refugees plunge to death after climbing on moving US airforce C-17
Three civilians are believed to have plunged to their deaths, as footage shows bodies falling (Twitter/ @AsvakaNews)

A terrifying video has gone viral on social media and it shows just how horrifying the situation currently is in Kabul, Afghanistan. As per the latest reports, eight people have died at Kabul airport as thousands of desperate Afghans climbed onto moving military planes in a desperate bid to flee the country. Three civilians allegedly plunged to their deaths, as footage shows bodies falling. The refugees were apparently hanging from the underside of a USAF transport jet but failed to cling on as the aircraft took off. More images on social media showed mutilated corpses strewn across a rooftop.

Another video showed hundreds of people chasing after a USAF C-17 transport jet, darting beneath its wheels and clinging to its fuesale as it hurtled down the runway in preparation for takeoff at Hamid Karzai International Airport. People were seen hanging or sitting on the landing gear of the aircraft while it took off. The video has taken social media by storm as many people expressed their remorse over the situation.


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"Exclusive- A clear video (from other angle) of men falling from C-17. They were Clinging to some parts of the plane that took off from Kabul airport today. #Talibans #Afghanistan #Afghanishtan," said one tweet with the viral clip attached.



"I don’t think the world has ever witnesses such horrifying scenes in the last couple of decades" one user wrote on Twitter. Another user wrote, "I don't know how we (world) say sorry to the people of afghan." Along similar lines, another wrote, "This is some of the saddest shit I’ve ever seen."




One user wrote, "What is more tragic people getting desperate or the American plane which flew with these people clinging on the plane/tires?" Another wrote, "if this doesnt reflect real fear/desperation then god knows what does." One more wrote, "This is insane if true! Heartbroken. Can’t even imagine what #Afghanistan is going through. Praying for their women."




Earlier, U.S. soldiers fired warning shots into the air to deter people from forcing their way onto a plane that was readying to evacuate American diplomats and embassy staff out of the fallen city. "The crowd was out of control," one US official told Reuters. "The firing was only done to defuse the chaos."

As per Aśvaka - آسواکا News Agency, "Locals near Kabul airport claim that three young men who were holding themselves tightly in the tires of an airplane fell on top of people's houses. One of the locals confirmed this and said that the fall of these people made a loud and terrifying noise."


One user asked, "Why would a normal person think they could survive 3 minutes hanging on a moving plane. Let alone hours flight." To which another responded, "t can be quite simple. Some people know they'll be killed by Taliban. If death awaits on the ground, your desperate mind might think the sky is an ok try too."

And some others lamented on the state of the country's efforts. "Fucking scary The US splurged over two trillions of dollars on building a state over a period of 20 years and everything vanished into thin air in a matter of days."


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