Foo Fighters invited random "KISS Guy" from audience on stage and Dave Grohl is blown away by his performance

Foo Fighters invited random "KISS Guy" from audience on stage and Dave Grohl is blown away by his performance
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Foo Fighters kicked off their latest leg of North American tour dates this past weekend in Austin, Texas. And boy what an opening performance it was. In classic Foo Fighters style, frontman Dave Grohl invited a Kiss fan (complete with Gene Simmons' classic makeup) from the audience onto the stage to perform their classic hit 'Monkey Wrench,' reports Ultimate Classic Rock.

The fan, who Grohl dubbed "KISS Guy" since he was too excited to tell the crowd his name, was visibly excited to be on stage with his icons. Grohl was initially hesitant to give "KISS Guy" his guitar. 

“You ever done this before? It’s really fine,” he asked the random fan, who nodded confidently. After handing him the guitar, Grohl was surprised to see that he even brought his own guitar pick which he promptly fished out of his pocket. 

"He brought his own f*cking pick!” Grohl said in utter disbelief just before the band went in all guns blazing on their 1997 arena-banger "Monkey Wrench."

Surprisingly, the fan, who also sported a Motorhead t-shirt, more than held his own through the song as he ran across the stage headbanging and firing the crowd up. He even ripped through the solo nearly perfectly and hardly missed a note. 

In fact, it was Dave Grohl who actually messed up as he forgot the lyrics to the song since he was so taken aback by KISS Guy's amazing performance. "Can't even remember the words," Grohl confessed mid-way through the song as the fan and the rest of the band held the beat for a while so that Grohl could get back on track. After spending much of the song exchanging expressions of amazement with his bandmates, the frontman ended the guest spot with an astonished, “Holy shit!”

Check out fan-shot footage of the heartwarming moment below:


This is not the first time The Foos have engaged in something like this. In fact, they've made a name for themselves thanks to such intimate fan-interactions. It also turns out that it wasn't the first time for 'KISS Guy' either, whose real name was revealed to be Yayo Sanchez. A biography of the young guitarist says that he has shared the stage with the likes of Slash and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons and even went on a full US tour well before he exited his teenage years (he seems to be around 24 years old now). 



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