Foo Fighters fans resort to venting on Twitter after they were locked outside the stadium gates due to ticket glitch

Thousands of Foo Fighters fans were stranded outside the stadium, as Ticketmaster was unable to provide the right number of tickets.

                            Foo Fighters fans resort to venting on Twitter after they were locked outside the stadium gates due to ticket glitch
Foo Fighters (Source: Getty Images)

Thousands of concert-goers were stuck outside the Etihad Stadium where the concert of Foo Fighters was taking place. These unfortunate fans had had their tickets rejected at the gate and so they resorted to venting on Twitter to inform that they were locked out and left stranded at the Manchester gig. 

Fans reported on Twitter regarding the issue, as many were confused regarding the delay in receiving the tickets. A fan, Susie, who shared an image of a large crowd of concert goers standing outside the venue, posted: "When hundreds of us for standing at @foofighters gig in Manchester are penned away because our tickets haven't been sent through by @TicketmasterUK so angry and so sad. Been queuing for hours".

The Ticketmaster seems to be in plenty of trouble as according to the Manchester Evening News, they are now stonewalling angry Billy Joel fans who are looking for a refund for last week's farcical gig at Manchester's Old Trafford - which was supposedly Billy Joel's on UK show this year. On receiving their tickets, fans had found out that their seats were unsuitable for the concert as they could barely get a view of the stage. On the other hand, several people were left staring at the walls of the side of the stage and weren't able to get a proper angle for viewing the big screens. 

A lot like the Billy Joel concert, there were several long queues at the 'Foo Fighters' concert, resulting in confusion and chaos. The quoted an SJM concert spokesperson who said, "There was an initial problem with 2000 barcodes not scanning. Unfortunately, due to human error, a percentage of barcodes provided by Ticketmaster for tonight’s Foo Fighters concert at Etihad did not work...This has been corrected and all fans are now able to get into the stadium. The problem is now resolved...Everyone is getting into the show and all gates have run freely once the technical issue was resolved...This was not a Foo Fighters error and we sincerely apologize for any delays experienced by fans this evening, and will be contacting them directly in due course.”

Ticketmaster had also mishandled tickets during Billy Joel's UK concert. (Source: Getty Images)

However, as fans eventually managed to get into the concert grounds, some fans tweeted about their excitement saying, "Heard the cribs set while in the queue but can't wait for Wolf Alice and Foo Fighters! Seemed to be Ticketmaster barcodes were not scanning, not good!"