Ashley Cream: Florida woman crashes city planning meeting with demand for 'Sugar Daddy and Mommy Appreciation Day'

Ashley Cream: Florida woman crashes city planning meeting with demand for 'Sugar Daddy and Mommy Appreciation Day'
Ashley Cream crashed a city planning meeting and demanded that 'sugar daddies and mommies' be appreciated by having a day dedicated to them (Boca Raton Planning and Zoning Board)

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA: It’s not every day that a routine city meeting becomes something headline worthy, but a woman in Florida made it happen! Ashley Cream had crashed a city planning meeting in Boca Raton, where flammable liquid storage was the subject of discussion, to demand that March 10 be recognized as ‘Sugar Daddy and Mommy Appreciation Day’ to honor “those who have given us so much.” Cream had come into the meeting with platinum blonde locks and ski-style sunglasses while pushing in her wheelchair-bound ‘sugar daddy.’


Cream said in her speech that Florida was home to most of these benefactors, with Miami, Palm Beach and Boca Raton being the most populated with them. “Sugar daddies both gay and straight, and yes, even sugar mommies, are responsible for college educations, cars, homes, rents, jets, Birkins [handbags] and the occasional body enhancement.” She then took a moment to crack a joke and placed a hand on her breasts. “But not me though, I’m all natural,” she said, Daily Mail reports that she then went on to address the sparse audience and said that both "sugar daddies and mommies" play a huge role in uplifting local economy by acting as "giving/generous Samaritans."


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‘Wanted to address this issue here’

The members in attendance seemed shocked and puzzles by Cream’s bizarre request, and let her know about it too. “Thank you for- that’s a city council issue,” they said. However, it seems that the woman could not be moved as she continued to press on about the matter. “I really- really just wanted to address this issue here today because I think it’s a very important issue,” Cream said.


She finished her speech off with panache as she thanked the audience for listening and said, “You guys look amazing!” Her surprise entry and exit left the council confused as the meeting convener took to the stage again to asked, “Anybody else wishing to speak on the issue of flammable liquids?”

‘What an icon!’

Her request has not yet been considered or materialised, but it seems that she already has people on her side, who are rallying for it to happen. “What an icon," one commenter had said on TikTok, while another demanded for it to be put “on your calendar.” Few other commentators took the time to appreciate how united Cream and her sugar daddy were "an absolute unit." Another said, “I’m honestly obsessed.”


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 Florida woman crashes city planning meeting with bizarre demand