Who is Tony the lawn mower? 'Hero' saves dying man as neighbors yell 'let him die somewhere else'

Tony got his foot run over by a moving car and still saved the man, as neighbors yelled at him to get off their lawns

                            Who is Tony the lawn mower? 'Hero' saves dying man as neighbors yell 'let him die somewhere else'
This Florida lawnmower was dubbed a true hero for saving a man's life despite neighbors yelling at him (Facebook/Palm Beach County Sheriff)

In a shocking incident, a Florida man's life was saved by a local lawnmower who was yelled at by neighbors for helping the dying man. Identified as just Tony, the lawnmower is now being applauded as a 'true hero' after local law enforcement authorities shared his heroic act on their official Facebook page. 

From 'Ramen Racist' Louis Greyson and hedge fund manager Gregory Blotnick stealing millions to a man even hurling a baby at the police — Florida incidents are often tragic. But Tony's generous act as neighbors yelled at him to leave the man dying has been celebrated all across social media, especially by locals who seem to be rather fond of the laborer.


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According to the local sheriff's office, the shocking incident happened on Monday, July 19 as Tony was walking to work in a Palm Beach County community. That's when Tony spotted a neighbor having a "serious seizure" inside their vehicle, which prompted him to immediately rush to the man in need. Tony allegedly tried to stop the man's moving car with his own hands, authorities said in their Facebook post. "Without thinking twice, Tony ran up to the rolling car on Dunes Road and grabbed the fender to try and stop it from rolling down the street further,” deputies from the sheriff's office shared in the post, adding: “It ran over Tony’s foot, but thankfully he had steel-toe boots on!”

Fortunately, the car finally stopped, but it did so on a neighbor's lawn. Police describe the driver was still "in terrible shape" inside the locked car, and Tony screamed and begged neighbors for help, but nearby homeowners were allegedly more worried about their lawns and grass than saving the dying man. “Get off our lawn”, “Get the man out of here, have him die somewhere else”...they allegedly said. "A very sad moment for Tony, but he kept at it!!” the deputies called this. But luck favored him, as Tony was able to recognize the man from the neighborhood and rushed to the man's home to alert his wife. Soon emergency workers arrived and treated the driver, ultimately saving his life.


After recovering, the unidentified neighbor also called the sheriff's office asking for Tony's number so they could personally thank him. “The man said, ‘I want to talk to Tony… He saved my life,’” deputies wrote in the Facebook post, dubbing Tony a “true neighborhood hero.” And other Facebook users agreed as comments on the post sang praises for Tony. With over 5,700 likes, 800 comments and 600 shares, the post has gone viral with social media demanding police reveal the identity of the cruel neighbors who tried stopping Tony.

"Thank you Tony for not giving up on that man. I can't believe those disgusting neighbors wouldn't help him. I hope they never need his help someday," one user commented on Facebook. Another went all the way with their support for Tony, writing in the comments: "God sends angels in mysterious ways. There are people who really care about one another and Tony is definitely one of those people. Tony deserves to be commended!!" Slamming the neighbours who uttered such cruel things at the dying man, one user commented: "More Tonys on this world and less stupid as** like the owner of the House." On Twitter people celebrated, "Thank goodness he didn't listen to those selfish evil people." Some took to bashing Florida, with the state already infamous for its insane and weird incidents. "ONLY IN FLORIDA," tweeted one user with similar sentiments. 

A screengrab of people singing Tony's praises on the post made by deputies (Facebook)