‘Kamala Harris is a man’: Florida 'Karen' goes on racist rant after blocking woman and daughter at parking lot

‘Kamala Harris is a man’: Florida 'Karen' goes on racist rant after blocking woman and daughter at parking lot
Screengrab showing the woman who clashed with Rita (Twitter)

ORLANDO, FLORIDA: A video of a woman claiming “Kamala Harris is a man” has gone viral on Twitter. The video was shared by another woman, identified as Rita, who had an unpleasant encounter with the former one. Rita said she met the woman in the parking lot outside a Nordstrom Rack store in Orlando, Florida. The video started with Rita asking, “Do you have anything else to say?" to which the woman replied, “No, I don't. Put your mask on." "My mask is on, you dumb b***h," Rita yelled back.

The woman who was also not wearing the mask then went on to say, “Kamala Harris is a man. Are you a BLM or an Antifa? Do you burn down buildings and kill children?” Then Rita said, “I can’t wait until this gets on Facebook." The woman did not seem afraid of it as she agreed and smiled at the camera. Rita also asked for help from another woman, who remarked, “You guys are hilarious. This is so funny. I am going to video you. You are hilarious, look at you with the Lysol. Look at you." She also added: “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong!”


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Rita shared the whole incident on Twitter as she wrote, “This happened today, 2/24/2021 in orlando, outside the Nordstrom Rack on Conroy Road. Does anyone know this lady? She said the Kamala comment to my daughter who is Black #orlando #trump #trumpers.” Several people reacted to her video as one commented, “This lady obviously has something going on mentally. She needs help and any rational person can see that.” Another one said, “Just keep posting & retweeting until we figure out who she is. I live here in Orlando... she probably lives in Windermere or Bay Hill. A lot of racists in those upscale areas.”

Screengrab showing the woman who clashed with Rita (Twitter)




“It’s so mean! The way she smiles when she criticizes Kamala...she is delighted to harass a POC. @marcorubio this is what the party of Trump brings out. How can you say you love & want more Trump-hate & division?” a person asked while another noted, “The origins of deprecating Black women by robbing them of their feminity is rooted in Jim Crowe propaganda (mammy caricature). Make no mistakes folks, she was tapping into centuries of racist rhetoric: calling WOC masculine was a means to standardize them as brutish & undesirable.”

Screengrab showing the woman who said, "You guys are hilarious" (Twitter)



Later, Rita also thanked people on the internet for their support as she tweeted, “Thank you all for the kindness. I will admit I froze up. I’ve never had someone follow me to my vehicle and behave so aggressively. A testament to white privilege.” She also said, “We called the police. They attacked us after we left a store bc they were kicked out for wearing masks. They are probably in town for CPAC,” and “Thank you all for your help and most of all your support. It’s pretty clear that both of these ladies have nothing for them, so therefore have nothing to lose and behave as such.” However, when someone asked, “So the store removed these women for not wearing masks, they saw your daughter in the parking lot, she is black, and they took their anger out on her?” Rita responded: “I think they were pissed period. I think her making a point to speak to my daughter when trying to insult our VEEP was. Expose my daughter is Black.”






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