California anti-maskers call cashier ‘f**king Mexican’, Black worker a 'b***h' after being told to cover faces

California anti-maskers call cashier ‘f**king Mexican’, Black worker a 'b***h' after being told to cover faces

A couple in California reportedly hurled racial abuses at department store employees when they were sked to cover their faces amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The video was captured by TikToker "@izakthejoker", who posted it online on Tuesday, February 23, with a caption that read, “Backstory: This couple came into the store refusing to wear masks and being racist to everyone to asked them to wear a mask. So what did I do? Refused to ring them up."

As per the video, the cashier was shooting a child and a man, who were not wearing masks while standing at the checkout counter. As the staffer refused to provide service, the man became upset. He asked the worker to stop filming them while waiting for the police. "We'll see how they feel about you not wearing a mask,” the cashier said, to which the man replied, “You're not gonna force me to wear a mask if I've got health issues. It's called the Americans with Disability Act, you stupid fuck.” “Shut up," the cashier yelled.


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But the anti-masker took things a little further as he screamed back, “Make me shut up, motherf***er." Moments later, the man appeared to be using his phone, still inside the store. A blonde woman was standing beside him while pointing towards another employee. "He's fucking Mexican. What do you expect?" she said. Then the man made the matter worse by saying, "A stupid wetback” to the cashier. The couple also called a Black worker, a "Black bitch."

In another incident that happened in early February, a woman was dubbed ‘Karen’ for refusing to wear a mask inside a store and when a teen cashier inside the store asked her to, she seemed to be arguing with her. The incident reportedly took place in Alberta, Canada. The video of the incident was taken by the 17-year-old worker who posted it on TikTok and then it went viral on Twitter. The clip also showed ‘Karen’ filming the whole episode.

“So you need to wear a mask. If you don’t, you need to leave our store. I’ve asked you many times, politely. If you don’t, you need to leave our store,” the teenager said. But the woman replied that she has some medical issues and her doctor has asked her not to wear one. But the staffer did not appear convinced by her excuse and added, “I am told that nobody gets a medical exemption in our store. That is what I am told, and I am doing my job. People like you make our job very difficult. I am a 17-year-old girl and I am asking you, a grown woman, to wear a mask. Put it on or leave.”

After going online on Twitter, the video has been retweeted thousands of times with a number of comments. A person tweeted, “What's her medical exemption? Looking like Robert Plant without a mustache?” Another one said, “COVIDIOTS:  THERE IS NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO ENTER A RETAIL BUSINESS PREMISES.” One user added: “These young people being abused by anti-maskers need to lock their register, walk away & find a manager to deal with this. These bullies are looking for attention, they want a confrontation, so they try to find a teenager to pick on.”









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 California anti-masker calls cashier Mexican after being told to wear face covering